Marsha Clark, Pearson Business School Student, shares her experiences of her internship with the Red Carnation Hotel Collection.

The opportunity of being an intern has worked as an accelerator into my future career path. I have been able to network, connect, and meet contacts which have all contributed to my experience at The Montague On The Gardens. I look forward to going back later on this year!

What did you do within your internship?

Whilst being there, I was fortunate enough to be positioned on a rotational internship scheme. This flexibility on the job helped me grasp just how important every role really is to a business and it’s process. I was able to see the importance of communication between the operational and organisational side of every event whilst working first hand with both teams.

During my time, I was also given my own project to work on which I absolutely adored doing. This was all to do with their social media marketing and inviting influencers into their iconic Beach Bar; something both relevant and beneficial to my degree. I really appreciated as well the level of both trust and respect I was given to have control over a project.

Did you complete any other activities?

Here is a list of all the activities I was up to during my time:

  • Introduction to the team
  • Learnt how to utilise Meastro (their booking system)
  • Learnt how to utilise Venue Directory
  • How to decline, respond, and add calders into the Meastro system.
  • The most professional format for emails e.g. dealing with client bookings and inquiries
  • Attended the function sheet meeting to see the scale of events and operations
  • Attended the drug and alcoholic addiction awareness talk
  • Worked on my first project “bottomless beach brunch event for bloggers”
  • Contacted bloggers and influencers to come to the event
  • Monitored their feedback and response
  • Made function sheets for both internal and external events
  • Made name cards and menu booklets for an event
  • Participated in the Beach Bar Sales Week
  • Completed competitor research
  • Attended the monthly Tea Party
  • Created a starter pack for the new interns
  • Worked with the operational team
  • Learnt about front of house standards
  • Worked at The Beach Bar
  • Helped serve food and beverage
  • Answered calls and enquiries
  • Welcomed clients to their events
  • Managed and helped set up events

How do you feel about the internship?

Initially, I wasn’t too sure what to expect as an intern especially in a field I had little experience in. It however turned out to be one of the most worthwhile ways to spend my summer. I couldn’t preach anymore that students must not judge the idea of being an intern before having worked as one.

I would thoroughly recommend any student to invest their time into an internship and to strongly consider The Montague On The Gardens for an internship.