The opportunity to study within a FTSE 100 company is currently only offered by Pearson College London. Being at the heart of a global company while studying for a business degree allows students to be a part of and witness industry changes happen for themselves whether it’s at a corporate or personal level. It means that the degree is designed around industry needs and the skills they want students to have when graduating.

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So what exactly does FTSE 100 mean?

FTSE is simply a short form for Financial Times Stock Exchange Index - which is the term used to describe the top 100 largest UK firms listed on the London Stock Exchange.

So why exactly is it so important? Well, what this means in the world of business is that there is confidence in the future of these companies and their future growth. This powers decision-making from investors, allows companies to be leaders within the industry, have a strong workforce and be globally present.

Industry Partners. So what?

Industry partners are something that makes Pearson College London stand out, allowing students to learn and interact directly with a range of existing companies. Pearson College London works with these partners to deliver skills, experience and qualities needed to shape your career. They also host many industry events and activities that are run throughout the year, including workshops, conferences, career evenings as well as visits to business HQs and even the opportunity to take part in workplace projects. Pearson College London’s industry partners include large companies such as IBM, Direct Line Group, and Unilever as well as many smaller organisations and charities.

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Guaranteed internships?

As a student at Pearson College London, you have the opportunity to take part in the guaranteed internship programme (subject to performance). The program allows students to gain exposure to the working environment over the summer or in their free time. It helps students build vital skills needed in the future such as time-management, working within a team, problem-solving etc. This will not only help you add experience to your CV but contribute to your personal development and sharpen your skills.

Student Success

Pearson College London has a great past record of past graduates going onto great fields of work. This includes working for large businesses such as IBM, Goldman Sachs, and Shell. Other graduates have even started their own businesses. Check out this article for students who have started their own businesses.

The 2017 cohort of UK graduates from Pearson College London had an average annual salary of £25,000[1] just six months after completing their course. This is higher than the industry average and a great achievement for our students.

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[1] This median salary figure is taken from DLHE 16/17 and is based on full time, first degree, UK domiciled students who studied Business and Administration and are now in full time employment.