Every aspect of your degree programme will be shaped by the employers we work with and you'll get the chance to learn directly from them, helping you develop the skills, qualities and experience you need for your career.

Our industry partners are involved in everything from the overall design of our business, accounting and law degrees, to individual modules and the resources and materials that go with them, so everything you learn will be full of real-world insight, experience and ideas.

They also host and run industry events and activities, including workshops, conferences, visits to their workplaces and the chance to take part in workplace projects. Last but not least, you’ll have a company-based mentor to advise and guide you throughout your studies.

"As part of the course we took a trip to Veolia recycling plant. We had an excellent tour of their facilities and therefore were able to better understand what it would be like to lead in such an environment. We also had the opportunity to speak with Julie Chaulet, the general manager of Veolia UK about what it's like to lead in a male dominated industry. It was a really great experience all round." - Eliza Main

Recently, some of our students studying the People Management and Leadership module visited a Recycling plant to question the Managing Director about how she manages her staff.

“This trip was so insightful - it has given me so much context and understanding which has already been really helpful in the coursework. It has enabled me to visualise the situations and evaluate how appropriate/effective the theories we have learnt may be in the real world. Plus learning about a new industry is always great.” - Molly Hobbs

The trip linked into their coursework for this term and was an interesting and unique way to integrate work and learning.

“The trip to the recycling center was actually really good. I was a little apprehensive at first, but turned out to be a very eye opening afternoon. Was quite nice to do some learning in a new environment. Talking to the director was great as it gave some real context to our coursework.” - Mia Houghton


“The trip taken for the People Management and Leadership module was both informative and interesting. It linked closely to our coursework giving us insight into how a recycling plant is run and managed by senior leadership. It also enabled us to understand the operations of the plant and how it is run and managed day to day. When we arrived we were given a talk which provided insight into the plant including recycling habits of the people of London and the scale of operations. We then took a tour of the plant which included walking through the rooms where waste/recycling is sorted through various machines and by people where the machines couldn't fulfil the task. I was amazed by the complexity of the sorting process and how much waste/recycling is sorted in just one day. I was also surprised to hear that the plant works 24/7. We then had the opportunity to speak to Julie about her role within the plant, this was extremely helpful with the coursework giving insight into what it is like to lead the different employees. It was also interesting to get her perspective on being a woman in a male dominated industry. I'd like to thank Nathalie for organising the trip and Julie for taking time out of her day to speak to us.” - Matilda Rae Chittenden Milton

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