Name: Megan Durrant
Place of Study: Pearson Business School
Course: BA (Hons) Business Management
Year of studies: Third (Level 6)

What made you interested in studying at Pearson Business School?

My initial interest for studying at Pearson Business School was the emphasis on industry and how we would learn skills to prepare us for our careers and next steps after graduation not just textbook education.

Another thing that interested me were the lectures and how we were going to be taught by very successful business men and women - many of whom are business owners.

List the three best things about studying here:

  • The lecturers are industry experts
  • Lots of opportunities
  • The module specifications are very interesting

What advice do you have for people who are deciding on where they want to study?

Make sure you understand the course you are wanting to take and look at other opportunities the university offers e.g. studying business management with marketing, not just business management.