For the past few weeks we had the pleasure of having FrameStore coming over Escape Studios for 5 days of Unreal Training.

We were very honoured for being choosen by Framestore to give a one day Unreal Primer for their talented artists.

Simon Fenton - Head of Games and Christian Avigni - MA Games Tutor covered a lot in one day lessons:

  • The Epic Games Launcher
  • Documentation and training resources
  • Creating projects, the anatomy of a project / project folders / Naming Conventions
  • Introduction to the unreal interface, windows and user environment
  • Importing Assets: Lightmaps UVs, LODs
  • Draw calls
  • Texture guidelines
  • Material Creation
  • Baked lighting vs Realtime Lighting
  • Light types / Light Mobility
  • Post Process Effects
    I would like Andrew Brassington as well Andrew Schlussel who organized the event, and of course all the amazing people from FrameStore.