June has been a little quieter than May, perhaps due to less going on academically within Pearson College London. I have still managed to do a range of things though. Check out what I have been up to in Month 13 of my apprenticeship!

Summer Studying

I am studying through the summer this year to complete my Self-Managed Learning module. This is a project that I am focusing on future skills and how we can future proof our current workforce with these employability skills. I decided to research this because it not only interests me, but it is useful for my manager and mentor. It will form grounds for an interesting debate.

Award Shortlist

This month, I found out that not only had my workplace nominated me for a national award, but Rate My Apprenticeship shortlisted me for their Outstanding Degree Apprentice of the Year Award, which will be taking place later this month. Fingers crossed!

Apprentice 19 Event

I represented Pearson plc at Apprentice 19 this month, which was held at the Guildhall this year. It was a great opportunity to talk to students, teachers and other employers about the apprenticeship programmes that Pearson offers and what it's really like to work for a FTSE 100 company.

Web Team Updates

Unfortunately, our Website Content Manager is leaving this month to move on to a Content Management role. Therefore, some space has opened up in the team to get some more experience in an administrative role for the website, including publishing pages and having more control over the home page too.

I volunteered myself to be a part of this as I see the benefit of understanding web content further, especially due to technological advancements. I am now part of an interim website team who will cover the web content until we replace the manager.

Annual Report for The Blog

As we have had our new blogging platform for a whole year now, I created an extended report of the content that we have been pushing out over the year to show what is performing well and what could be improved. This was shared with members of the team so that everyone is aware of what can be done further with the blog platform.
Crunching the numbers
Photo by William Iven / Unsplash

Articles Published

This month, I have had several blogs and articles published in various different outlets. Here are a few:

Well, that's a wrap on June! See you at the end of July to find out if I was successful in that award or not!