An Open Day is the perfect opportunity to understand the university experience at Pearson Business School. A current student shares her guide to help you navigate the day!

Hi, I’m Samiha, a 3rd year Business Management with Marketing student; here are my top 5 tips to help you make the most of attending an open day as you explore the exciting path ahead…

Tip 1: Do some prep.

The Course:

Coming in with a bit of prep can make all the difference and make the trip more worthwhile.

You could take a good look at the course pages to get a clearer idea of the subject area you are interested in. Keep an eye out for the different variations of the course so that you have an idea of all the formats - is the subject available as an accelerated option? What about placement year opportunities? Could you consider the professional pathway? You can then come up with specific questions to ask on the day!

Some pointers for questions to get you started:

  • Modules studied
  • Assessment methods
  • Possible career destinations

The Day:

Make sure you plan the day itself - use the open day programme that will be sent out to you via email and post to highlight the timings for all the key events and talks you most want to attend - that way you make sure you don’t miss the information most important to you.

A bonus tip: look out for the alumni and industry talk speakers on the programme and read up on them, their job title and company so that you can really make the most of the opportunity to talk with them. This way you will know a bit more about them and might be able to come up with questions that really intrigue you and allow you to connect with them.

Oh, and of course: make sure you get your travel routes and fares organised in advance for a seamless day.

Tip 2: Question and Chat

After Tip 1 you will be armed with questions - so, Tip 2 is to go ahead and ask these questions!

Throughout the day a range of tutors, student advisors, alumni, ambassadors and industry experts will be around - take this opportunity to ask and learn.

Current students are truly one of the best sources of helpful information at open days. Pearson Business School selects student ambassadors who are approachable and available to help answer questions throughout the day.

Here are some things you could ask about to get a conversation started:

  • The student experience
  • Accommodation options and recommendations
  • Their commute
  • Their workload
  • What they enjoy most about their course
  • Their favourite things to do around campus

Even if you don’t have specific questions, interacting with student ambassadors will still convey the Pearson Business School environment.

Tip 3: Hang Out

I would encourage you to hang around a bit after the main events and talks are over. This will allow you to really check out the facilities and the campus once the usual open day buzz has calmed down.

You can chill and take a rest before continuing with your day at the coffee shop-esque breakout spaces which are the anchor of Pearson College life - it also just happens to be where the coffee machine, hot chocolate and herbal teas are located! It's another great chance to get chatting and interacting with others.

You could also revisit anything you saw during your campus tour drop-in session to learn more, and really envision yourself there as a student.

Bonus tip: The Business Incubator, which houses exciting new start-ups, could be a cool place to stop and have a chat with some inspiring entrepreneurs who are headquartered in the college to help business students gain rare insight and real-world experience.

Tip 4: Engage and Enjoy

Make sure you appreciate the atmosphere and excitement of the open day; try and engage with the subject and industry talks as they will immerse you in cutting-edge debate and the latest developments in your chosen field. This opportunity to get closer to the world of business is exciting!

You could keep an eye out for:

  • New developments in the business world
  • Emerging hot topics/ buzzwords
  • Tips given by speakers

You could also take this chance to explore the dynamic surroundings of the central London campus. Why not pop down to the famous My Old Dutch pancake house opposite the college for some sweet treats? You could explore the vibrant Covent Garden or revel in the exclusive sights of the British Museum which is a five minute walk away!

Tip 5: Reflect

As you may be attending several open days to figure out the best place for you, it's important that you take the chance to reflect on your experience of each university.

To help with this, I strongly recommend that you take some pictures during your trip and grab the all important GOODIE BAG. You can use these to remember your trip later as you reflect.

Top tip: If you can, take someone you know to the open day, they will see things you may not have and be able to help you when it comes to reflecting. If you were unable to bring someone with you, your pics and goodies will be great for conveying the university vibe to others when making this important choice.

It can also be helpful to stay connected with the uni by following them on social media to keep updated about new events and keep learning about the university’s vibe.

I hope these tips were helpful! The main thing to remember is that you consider and prioritise the factors that are important to you when deciding where and what you will be studying.

Best of luck!

Further information about Open Days can be found here.