It’s no secret that there’s a huge skills gap in the VFX industry, there simply aren't enough Visual Effects Producers to meet demand. If you want to lead on managing projects that produce phenomenal artwork for blockbuster films, TV shows and advertising - studying VFX at Escape Studios could be your chance!

What does a VFX Producer do?

On a film set, the visual effects producer oversees the schedule and budget of the visual effects (VFX) department. As the visual effects producer, you meet with creative and technical executives during the early stages of pre-production to discuss the film director’s overall visual concept.

Once the budget and schedule are set, you see the project through from beginning to end and make sure all VFX tasks are wrapped up. This involves outlining a post-production schedule for visual effects, ensuring that the VFX supervisor and artists stick to it, and making alterations to the schedule as needed.

In essence, you are a conduit between your effects department and the production designer, ensuring that the original artistic concept is clearly understood by the artists, and, conversely, that the artists have the information and resources to achieve their goals on time and within budget.

(Information taken from Career Match)

Why study Producing for VFX at Escape Studios?

  • Start your career in production - you’ll experience the different stages of VFX production and complete a practical project, ultimately giving you the skills needed for an entry level role.
  • Learn the essentials of production - including VFX pipelines, production roles, breaking down a script, bidding, scheduling, budgeting, negotiating with and managing artists and clients.
  • Developed with leading studios - we’ve developed this course with producers and industry professionals and you'll learn from pros throughout the course
  • Intensive training - the course is structured into 6 weeks of intensive study (Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm). We pack a lot into 6 weeks with the aim of getting you ready for entry-level production roles.

What software will I use at Escape Studios?

  • Shotgun
  • FileMaker Pro
  • Excel
  • Basic Nuke
  • Basic Maya

What will I study at Escape Studios?

Week 1: Industry and software overview
Week 2: Pre-production, production and post production
Week 3: Bidding & scheduling
Week 4: Bidding, budgeting & recruitment
Week 5: Facility management & facility visits
Week 6: Finance & legal, facility visits & completing assessments

So, what are you waiting for? There's a shortage in the industry for these skills, so find out more and apply on the Escape Studios website.