In response to industry demand we are launching a new undergraduate degree in BSc (Hons) Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries and as more companies opt for a ‘digital first’ marketing strategy there is a huge demand for skilled, strategic and driven graduates in the sector.

1. Understand the industry

This course is in response to industry demand and is therefore based on what is required in terms of skills and knowledge in the marketing field.

In a dynamic and changing world, how do organisations continually innovate to stay ahead of the competition? How do they create dynamic, digitally-led propositions and communications to engage their customers? How do they adopt a data-led approach to inform their strategy and adapt to changing customer needs? These questions are at the heart of the marketing challenge that many organisations face in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

This new programme will tackle the central issues facing marketers and give you the latest skills and techniques to become an effective leader in a number of fast paced industries such as marketing, communications, PR, advertising and sales.

Therefore, before starting the course, you really need to get an idea about the current climate in different industries and learn some case studies about what has gone well and what has not. You can then apply these case studies to your knowledge and illustrate your theories to increase understanding and credibility.

2. Maximise your opportunities

Pearson College London's industry connections will give you the chance to work alongside some of the world’s biggest brands. Our students have previously attended marketing workshops at the Headquarters of Unilever, Savills, L’Oréal, Twinings and Direct Line Group, to name just a few! We focus on experiential learning and there will be plenty of opportunities to work with professionals and real businesses.

If you are invited to one of these events, network with professionals and really show off your knowledge and skills!

The tutors also have industry experience so talk to them about their careers, own businesses or what they have achieved. Not only can this inspire you to perform in your own career, but it can also help you with some real life scenarios and tips about what they did and how you can do something similar, but improved.

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3. Practice Practice Practice

Below is the assessment breakdown for the Digital Marketing course at Pearson College London:
First year (level 4)
50% coursework
25% written exams
25% oral assessment

Second year (level 5)
80% coursework
15% written exams
5% oral assessment

Third year (level 6)
65% coursework
35% oral assessment

There are a lot of oral assessments and a few written exams. Therefore, you need to ensure that for a written examination, you are completing plenty of practice questions and past papers as well as learning the knowledge because you need to know how to apply that knowledge to a question. Further, if you have an oral assessment such as a presentation, you need to know and understand the content within that too so that you can present confidently and comfortably and answer any questions.
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4. Time Management

As you can see from the course assessment breakdown, the majority of the assessment methods is coursework. This may seem like a sigh of relief because you have more time to show your knowledge and skills than in an exam. However, you need to realise that a term is ten weeks and you will have that time to compose a piece of work to submit. You will be given your brief at the start of the module too so you can start to lay out what you are going to put together for the final submission.

Make a plan and stick to it! Look at work and social commitments and then plan study around that in an achievable manner so that you can complete tasks each day or week to work towards the end goal.
Tech-savvy Timekeeping
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