Our Business Management courses make up the majority of our courses at Pearson Business School, therefore accommodating the majority of Pearson Business School's students. The courses include:

All Business Management students study the Business Management core modules at Level 4 (the first year of the degree), and then they can choose to specialise in the area that most suits them. However, specialisation is not compulsory and a lot of students stick with the BA (Hons) Business Management to have free reign over what modules they study.

So... What tips can you carry into your Business Management Degree?

1. Read

Firstly, you need to read around the subject. This is the same with a lot of degrees yes, but reading more than what is necessary is the first step to success. You need to prioritise reading set by your tutor, but during the holidays, spare time, and even prior to starting, you could read a huge variety of content and broaden your knowledge.

What does this mean?

If you are doing research, reading academic and industry-related literature associated with your chosen topic will really help with a well-rounded research approach. Keeping up-to-date with reliable current affairs outlets such as The Financial Times and The Economist will also help you to participate in class discussions.

"Our most successful students are hungry for opportunities and manage their limited time carefully. They read widely and stay up to date with what's going on in the business world - they go beyond the required reading for their subjects. Check out papers like the Financial Times and The Economist and bring examples from the real world into your classes. These students also engage in lots of extracurricular activities so take advantage of the chance to hear guest speakers, attend industry events, and network as much as possible. These experiences will again bring the theories you discuss in class to life and deepen your understanding of what you read. Fitting all of this in isn't easy, so get used to planning your time - prioritise tasks, keep a careful calendar, and don't leave assessments to the last minute." - Elizabeth Miller, Head of Business Management programmes

2. Work

Getting a job is also going to help you with your Business Management Degree. There is no better way to fully comprehend Business Management than to see it in practice. Working part time alongside your degree will let you see how the academic theories can be practically applied in the workplace. However, ensure you still have time to complete your studies too!
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3. Attend Events

Attending events that feature influential speakers or conferences about subject matters relevant to your modules is another fantastic way to learn more about the industry and build your breadth of knowledge. Listening to opinions and potential new discoveries could both spark your interest for a project and give you more grounds for debate and discussion in class and within assessments.

Showing that you have attended these conferences also proves attractive to employers as it shows that you have a genuine interest in the business market around you and understand the changing climate.

4. Build a Network

You will hear this over and over and over again as a business student. Networking is so important in the modern business world due to the sheer number of people working within it. It all goes back to the famous saying:

"It's not what you know, it's who you know."

Now, it's not true for everything but it can certainly help! Attending networking events to build your contacts and connecting with people online via Linkedin are proactive methods to build mutually beneficial and meaningful connections. You can also follow and like relevant content on Linkedin to show your interests.
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5. Actively Seek Opportunities

Actively seeking opportunities to succeed and push yourself is another major piece of advice for studying Business Management. Actively asking questions and making the most of business challenges and events is a fantastic way to excel.

Opportunities such as internships could turn you from a student into an employee so actively seeking one or multiple internships throughout your higher education experience as a Business Management student is a great way to increase the chances of securing highly skilled employment at the end of the course.

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