Students were required to work to the standard of a professional studio team and give a presentation providing a concise retrospective of their project. Successful completion of this module is dependent on the student's ability to thrive in a studio environment in order to advance their knowledge, skills and understanding through practice-based learning, experimentation and reflection.

1. Desert Palace

Desert Palace sees a supernatural figure move through a luxury palace in the desert. The character moves around the palace to solves puzzles and collect gems, etc.


2. Coven

This is a horror game based on the Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachussets. It is based on some teenagers that have decided to study witchcraft.

The team were praised for the sound effects and spooky music that they had incorporated into the design.

3. Juton

Juton is a VR game focusing on the Viking era and how a room might have looked after a banquet.

The team originally worked on the game as a normal game and then decided to make it into a virtual reality game.