The two short films in this category have seen a lot of success so far in terms of award winning! Congratulations to all of the students who worked together to create these fantastic projects.

1. Jericho

Jericho is a 3rd year VFX short film, in which a lonely robot searches for pieces to build a friend...

JERICH0- VFX Short Film from Sarah Andrews on Vimeo.

Shortlisted for the BAFTA Student Film Awards, 2019

WINNER: Best VFX, Best Animation- Nexus Film Awards 2019

Also Shortlisted for: Animex Awards, Beer Town Film Festival, Cefalu Film Festival, Golden Kuker Sofia, Lift Off Sessions


With original music by Alexandra Harwood.

Director/Story- Sarah Andrews
AD/Animation Lead- Aaron Hopwood
Producer- Matthew Wight
Editorial- Daniel Dutton
Sound design- Aaron Hopwood
3D Leads- Callum Walters & Piraveen Satkunam
2D Lead- Allan Dias Marques
3D Artists- Corey Birch, Ellen Menenes, Harrison Workman
2D Artists- Matthew Wight, Caitlin Twist
Animators- Sarah Andrews, Velvet Brandon, Daniel Dutton

Jericho model by Piraveen Satkunam
Robot Model by Harrison Workman
Rigged by Aaron Hopwood

2. Home Sweet Home

Life ain't so sweet out there.

A 1 min short film created at Escape Studios, with the Animation and VFX students collaborating for first time.

Home Sweet Home from Harry Pearson on Vimeo.

The sweet rigs were adapted from the adorable 'Cuby' rig -
Many thanks to the creator Francisco Cerchiara Montero for allowing us to use it!

Check him out -

Animation Team

Director/Storyboard Artist/Animator/Concept Art/Credits
Maria Robertson

Assistant Director/Lead Animator/Writer/Editor/Lighting/Additional Texturing/Music and SFX
Harry Pearson

Producer/Animator/Additional Texturing
Maddison Gould

Additional Rigging/Animator
Emily Lim Sarrias

Katerina Zacharakis

3D Team

Lead 3D Artist/Matchmove Artist
Raphael Kennedy

Concept Artist/Texture Artist/Modeller
James Cooper

Concept Artist/Texture Artist
Mike Holder

Concept Artist/Texture Artist/Modeller
Louise Kalyango

Modeller/Texture Artist/Matchmove Artist
Shannon Martin

2D Team

Lead 2D Artist/ Render T.D./Compositor
Mitchell Searle

Bedos Mavanubu

Jack Neale

Special thanks to Clement Gharini, Mael Santiago, Michael Davies, Ash Ellis, Thierry Jarbour, Lorenzo Minaccia, Steven Lall, Alex Lloyd, Ian Palmer, Giacomo Sotgiu, Mark Spevick, Davi Stein