The task for these projects was to create a teaser trailer in just 6 weeks! Have a look at what the students came up with...

1. Bear Growls:

(video coming soon)

Daniel Lotter - Director/CG Supervisor/Animator
Conway Dobbs - Producer/Animator
Billy Daniel Allen - Cinematographer/Animator
Kacper Fractczak - Editor/Animator
Tim Jee - Animator


2. Spaceless:

This is the SPACE.LESS teaser trailer which is about Alan the janitor who dreams of becoming a space fleet captain.

SPACE.LESS | Escape Studio Group Animation Project from Aidan Lonergan on Vimeo.

3. The Golden Acorn:

For Nonna Anna from Luis De Filippis on Vimeo.

  • Director - Maciej Osuch
  • Writer - Maciej Osuch
  • Story - Maciej Osuch, Miguel Teixeira, Titi Marian Giusca, Petroc Menuhin, Sasha Batt
  • Producer - Miguel Teixeira
  • Director of Photography - Maciej Osuch
  • CG Supervisor - Maciej Osuch
  • **3D Layout **- Maciej Osuch, Titi Marian Giusca
  • Set Design - Maciej Osuch, Miguel Teixeira, Petroc Menuhin, Titi Marian Giusca
  • Animation - Maciej Osuch, Petroc Menuhin, Titi Marian Giusca, Miguel Teixeira, Sasha Batt, Cuchulahn O'Byrne
  • **Storyboarding **- Petroc Menuhin, Sasha Batt
  • Editing - Miguel Teixeira, Maciej Osuch, Titi Marian Giusca
  • Sound editing - Miguel Teixeira, Maciej Osuch
  • Motion Graphics - Miguel Teixeira, Titi Marian Giusca
  • 2D Compositing - Maciej Osuch
  • Website by - Sasha Batt, Maciej Osuch

Special Thanks to:

  • Amadeo Beretta
  • Steven Lall
  • Ash Ellis
  • Simone Giampaolo
  • Rodrigo Costa
  • Lorenzo Minaccia
  • Lenny Mangelschots
  • Sebastian Kuder
  • Amanda Costa
  • Alfio Ferrero
  • Jakob Parsons
  • Alexander Williams
  • Alex Boyle

Agent Tuna:
Agent Carrot:


  • Twelve Titans Music - Override
  • Teddybears - Cobrastyle