Hi - my name is Vivian, and I am studying MSci Professional Accounting in Business as a first-year student, attending Pearson Business School 2 days a week. Some students on this course are in 3 days, depending on which classes you are put in at the start of term. I currently have 1 lecture and 1 seminar for Principles of Business (which is double credit module) per week, and two combined lectures and seminars that last 3 hours for the other 2 modules. An example of my timetable from the Online Learning Environment (OLE) can be seen below:


What are lectures/seminars/modules/credits?

Lectures are where tutors teach the theory that will be assessed in the examinations at the end of the modules. These will take place in a lecture hall, which at Pearson Business School, is usually for 40-100 students. Every lecture is also recorded online for revision purposes.

Seminars are often in smaller groups (around 15-20 students) where the theory learned will be expressed in a more practical manner e.g. in the form of a debate or presentation. Seminars will also give you the chance to discuss ideas and work collaboratively.

Modules are the different topics that you will study. For Accounting students all modules will be core modules, meaning they are all compulsory and everyone will study the same topics. For Accounting there are also accreditations, where certain modules allow exceptions from some Accounting bodies’ examinations (such as the ACCA). Full details can be found on the Pearson College London website, which includes how many exceptions are available depending if you choose to do the BSc (Hons) or MSci.

Credits are received when you pass a module and in your first-year you will study a total of 120 credits. This is equivalent to 1200 hours of “work” (including attending lectures and seminars as well as wider reading and independent study).

My modules

In both terms I had different lecturers for the Principles of Business (POB) lectures as each one was lead by an industry expert. I also had Michael Rice as my seminar tutor. This module is called a double credit module because it is worth 30 credits each term. This module gave me a summary of how to start, run and end a business, whilst teaching the key areas of a business, like strategy and marketing. At the end of the second term we were put into groups to make our own businesses and were assessed by doing a presentation. Below is an image of our product (mobile grip accessory):


The other 60 credits were modules that taught me the groundwork of Accounting. In the first term I took Business Mathematics (15 credits), taught by Laura Marshall, and Introduction to Business Economics (15 credits), taught by Cajiten D’Silva.

In the second term I took Principles of Management Reporting and Decision-making (15 credits), by Clare Calderan, and Principles of Corporate Reporting (15 credits), by Janet Hill. The last 2 modules truly gave me an introduction to the core concepts of Accounting, which will be followed through in the next 2/3 years.

If you’re interested in studying Accounting at Pearson Business School, head to our website, or book an Open Day to discover more!

By Vivian Pang (1st year MSci Professional Accounting in Business student)