Moving to London has been quite a change for me and it was very important for me to create a routine I could stick too whilst also allowing myself to have a ‘university experience’ and to have fun.

As a first-year student, I spend, on average, three days a week at Pearson Business School studying BA (Hons) Business Management. For me, I have found that it works well if I do college work five days a week (including being at Pearson Business School) and give myself two days off (usually Saturday and Sunday). This is a good balance for me but I try not to put too much pressure on myself to stick to specific days of work. My work usually consists of: pre-seminar work, essay/ exam work, extra reading and researching.

My timetable for this term:


Furthermore, before bed, I find it helpful to update myself on the news and to do some reading that is related to a topic I am learning about to widen my knowledge and to challenge my own thoughts and understanding. If I do this the night before, I don’t have to worry about it in the morning and can have extra time sleeping - which I won’t say no to!

One thing I really enjoy about studying at Pearson Business School is you have freedom with your work and you can tailor it to areas that you enjoy. For example, last term I wrote an essay for my ‘Principles of Business’ module about Ted Baker and this term I am writing an essay about Marketing Techniques in Luxury Fashion for my ‘Self-Managed Learning’ module. As I am not doing a specific Business Management pathway, I can pick the modules which I have an interest in and have a stronger knowledge for which to me is fantastic but, I like the fact that I still have the option to take a specific learning pathway.


In addition to my previous points, as I didn’t take the traditional pathway to degree level learning, I find it really helpful that we receive a lot of support through our chosen modules to write and produce the best work that we can and they support us with the transition from Level 3 to Level 4 learning. At the moment, I am currently submitting my essay plans for this term’s work and waiting to receive feedback from my module tutors.

Overall, for me personally, I can see that my average week and the work I do as part of my degree, will benefit me and my career long term and that Pearson Business School teach and support their students so that they get the best from their degree. I can’t wait for the challenge of second year!

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- By Ellie Carrick (1st year Business Management student)