The Game Jam 2019 was a fantastic event, expressing true perseverance and commitment to creating something great to present to a panel of experts.

"It was an incredible experience, the first of many. LOVED IT!" - Harry Williams, Winning Team, Game Jam 2019


But who won, and why?

The Winning Game

The winning team was team Noot-Noot, who created a game in which a wooden penguin was escaping from within a doll house environment. The penguin moved around the house collecting boosts that powered it into the next room. The added difficulty was that the shadow from the hand of the young girl working against the penguin constantly moved around the house, requiring the player to hide in order to not have to restart.

"I was lucky to be teamed up with such a friendly, talented and well balanced group of people. We each had our own well-defined roles and it was great seeing all the creative and inspired work that everyone came up with. I only played a small part in the development but had loads of fun and very chuffed with the win regardless!" - Michael Clarke, Winning Team, Game Jam 2019

Why Penguin Playhouse?

Whilst deliberating, the judges were impressed with all of the games that had been presented to them. However, they were particularly impressed with how much the game had been developed within the short space of time given. They noticed, that as well as a reward scheme and all of the environment art, that a challenge element had been included.

They also loved the use of the wooden penguin as when asked, the team stated that it was the most time efficient character they could think of as they did not need to animate the walk.

Finally, even though the time was short for all of the teams, Team Noot-Noot also managed to create a full presentation to highlight key elements of the game

The Prize

Mobile games developer Outplay offered the winning team a work experience day to explore what it’s like to work at the UK’s largest independent mobile games developer.

The winning team will be taken to Scotland, to spend a day in Outplay’s Dundee studios learning the ins and outs of working for a fast-paced mobile games developer.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for taking part!