Wow! That has gone super quickly! One whole year as a degree apprentice; and whilst it's been the busiest year of my life, it's shown me that I definitely made the right decision about my higher education experience.

This month

This month, I have had the chance to do a few different things. Firstly, I attended the summer ball which was held by the Pearson College Student Association. This was a chance to meet and socialise with students that I hadn't met before. I also spoke at a panel event directed at teachers and careers advisors about degree apprenticeships and how they can be promoted to students. Furthermore, I attended two networking events within Pearson to meet other apprentices that are studying both on my course, and on other levels of apprenticeship within the company. It was a great way to share some tips and advice about certain modules and how we cope with certain areas of the business.

I also had the opportunity to interview new staff for the team which was a surreal experience as one year ago I was on the other side of the table. It was a great way to see what an interviewer is looking for and how, as an interviewee, you come across in the situation.

Finally, I worked with our Videographer to create some new web pages to house some of the amazing work created by our students at Escape Studios. The Showreel Hubs are a great showcase of the student work produced at Escape Studios!

Oh, and I also featured in a photoshoot!

Main projects this year

The first thing that I have been able to do this year is to take over the blogging platform and not only produce content, but also monitor guest blogs and student content that you see day-to-day on the blog. This has been a great way to have control over an area that I am passionate about, as well as compiling reports and measuring the performance of the different content types that we have online.

I have also had the amazing opportunity to have articles published in external media outlets to both increase my personal media presence and that of Pearson Business School. This has been a huge encouragement for my writing ability and I have seen it help other teams within the department.

Finally, taking over the social media channels and some of our internal communications platforms is something that I thought I would be supporting initially. Having the responsibility and trust in me to take these elements on has really helped me to develop my skills and creativity.

Opportunities outside my role

My first highlighted opportunity that I have been able to get outside of my job role is talking at Open Days and other events such as Teacher and Careers Advisor Information Evenings has been a great way to showcase what I have achieved so far as a degree apprentice and also develop my public speaking skills. I love the look on people's faces when they see the huge benefits that come alongside a degree apprenticeship and the skills and qualities that you can develop as a part of that. Not only speaking in front of people, but also having meaningful individual conversations is another great way to give people personal experiences and advice when applying for a degree or degree apprenticeship.

Secondly, having the opportunity to join the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network and share my apprenticeship story with young people, parents and teachers across the South East of England has been another great way to boost my confidence when speaking in front of people and show that there is a completely valid alternative to a traditional degree.

Finally, the best thing about being a degree apprentice has been meeting like-minded individuals. This accounts for at work and university with apprentices from other companies. At school, I was sure I didn't want to follow the traditional route but no one seemed to realise why. When I met other degree apprentices, I realised that they had the same reservations as me and I am pleased to say that I have met friends for life.

Thank you for following my story as a degree apprentice for the last year!