Pearson Business School, part of the only FTSE 100 in the UK currently delivering degrees, offers an alternative approach to traditional university study with our multifaceted connection to real-world industry. What better backdrop for students to step into the world of entrepreneurship, starting and running their own business?

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Where better to learn about industry than from within a FTSE 100?

Pearson Business School, part of Pearson College London, was founded with a goal to create a stronger link between higher education and real-world industry. Coming from a background in one of the largest education and publishing companies in the world, we are perfectly placed to do just that, with degree programmes that allow students to develop real-world business skills and knowledge.

Pearson College London has over 50 connections to industry ranging from global leaders such as IBM and Unilever to start ups and SMEs. We work closely with these partners to develop and deliver our degrees, offer guaranteed internships (subject to performance), and give students the opportunity to network with business leaders at our industry events led by our Centre for Industry Engagement (CIE). Our students are taught and mentored by academics with comprehensive industry backgrounds, many of whom are also entrepreneurs that have created successful companies such as Pave.

Our BA in Business Management with Entrepreneurship

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If you have aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, this course may be the ideal place to start your business career. Designed for those looking to set up their own business, this is a degree with enterprise at its core, blending academic theory with practical experience.

Course content includes core modules designed to build an understanding of the central functions within an organisation from the perspectives of finance, marketing, technology, and more. You will also undertake consultancy entrepreneurship projects and have the opportunity to make a head start on your very own business in your final year by forward-planning your start-up as part of the degree.

Assessments on this course are designed to mirror projects and challenges you would face in your professional career with a combination of individual and group work towards report writing, data analysis, preparing strategies and presentations, as well as exams.

We also have a business incubation space, giving students authentic experience and exposure to real business while offering opportunities for mentorship and work experience. Our Business Incubator is currently occupied by Mammalo, a start up founded by ex-Pearson Business School students, offering an online platform to connect local talented service providers with potential clients in their local area.

What about our entrepreneurial graduates?

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Plenty of our Business graduates have gone on to run all kinds of business of their own with the help of ongoing mentorship and access to a wealth of knowledge and business connections at Pearson Business School. Here are a few highlights.

Once Upon a Doug
Once Upon a Doug was started by five Pearson Business School students in 2013. It’s a social enterprise with a mission to up-skill, empower and financially support women from rural cotton farming communities in the Wardha region of India.

Ro Anwar Fitness
Oliver “Ro” Anwar founded his online personal training and fitness coaching business in 2016. Since then, he has gone on to provide training and nutrition programs for over 15,000 people and has been featured on Sweatcoin (the most downloaded fitness app on the App Store).

Co-founded by former student Sam Applebee in 2014, Kickpush is a design agency, having worked on designs for websites and top-ten rated apps - according to Apple and The Guardian.

Founded and run by two of our Business and Enterprise students, Yaantu is a platform designed for companies. It motivates employees to exercise by rewarding them with a charitable donation made by their employer.

Birdcage Gin
Birdcage Gin is a new luxury gin brand, founded by three of our Pearson Business School students. Encompassed in a golden birdcage-inspired bottle, Birdcage Gin is designed to be a work of art, both inside and out; a showpiece for a bar display.

To find out more about what it’s like to study at Pearson Business School, check out our website or get in touch.