What's the first thing that springs to mind when you think Central London? Well other than Pearson Business School or Escape Studios of course, a lot of us think about its expensiveness.

When you're a student as well, money can be tight, especially when living and studying in London. This blog aims to give you some top tips about eating out on a budget.

Try some street food

There are so many places such near to Pearson College London that sell street food:

You can get food from all different cultures and walks of life, from Leon to independent Italian restaurants and pizzerias. Often the independent or grab-and-go style restaurants are cheaper and therefore a great way to eat out for cheaper!

Make use of supermarkets

There are supermarkets all over London, superstores and express stores. Often you will live/ work within walking distance or a tube stop away from a supermarket. Make use of this! You can get meal deals for Β£3 or even a healthy salad for a good price. A lot of supermarkets now have a grab-and-go section with hot food or a deli bar, to cater for whatever you fancy!

Photo by Hanson Lu / Unsplash

Have an English Breakfast

Across London, you can discover very cheap full English breakfasts. Some places sell them for only Β£3! This is a filling meal that you could have in the morning and then keep going until dinner. This is another cheap way to eat (although it's not the healthiest, so not every day!)
My friends and I were at the last few weeks of college so we decided to maximize the time we had left together by embarking on a 12 hour road trip through the southwest. On our back from New Mexico, we stayed at an amazing Airbnb right in the heart of old town Tucson, Arizona. We thought it’d be a lovely idea to make our own meals at this quaint Airbnb and what a lovely idea it was. Our Airbnb also had such cute dishes and tablecloths that made this flatlay all the more perfect. It was a great morning spent in a great place with the greatest company.
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Make use of discounts

  1. Buy a taste card - this gives you access to discounts from a variety of restaurants across London and is fairly cheap to buy.
  2. Use student discounts - Pizza Express and other food chains offer really good discounts for students, a great way to get a bit of money off your meal. If you aren't sure about the discount, check online or just simply ask when you get there.
  3. Research on discount websites - look at other discount websites such as Groupon and UniDays to get discounts in eateries. You never know what you may find.
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Eat at the chains

As mentioned before, chain restaurants such as Nando's, Wagamamas and Pizza Express tend to either have discounts, loyalty card schemes or cheaper options on the menu. Therefore, they are definitely worth checking out for an evening meal, especially if you want something you know you'll like.

So, it's not so bad being a student in London... Follow these tips and you should save a bit of money!