The BA (Hons) Business management degree (UCAS CODE: 4K22) at Pearson College London is very broad, due to the wide-ranging subjects and knowledge that is covered throughout the three years of studying, which allows graduates from the course to gain careers a whole range of different careers.

Here are just some of the pathways students can follow after their BA (Hons) Business Management degree:


The Finance modules of the Business Management degree are taught by experienced professional accountants that can help to provide students with a true picture of what working in this industry entails. For example, one of the tutors Laura Marshall worked at PwC in their London Top Tier Division whilst completing the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) ACA qualification to become a Chartered Accountant. For students interested in a career in this sector, there are a number of electives that can be chosen within the Business Management degree,or you can choose to study the ’Business Management with Finance’ pathway’(UCAS CODE: 4RW3) Some of these electives include:

  • Business Mathematics (Year 1- Level 4) - Provides students with ECTS credits (7.5) as an equivalent to their 15 credits. This module helps to understand forecasting and risk - this is key for accounting firms and roles. Solving equations and inequalities

  • Principles of management and reporting Taxation for Professional Accountants (Year 2- Level 5) - Provides students with ECTS credits (7.5) as an equivalent to their 15 credit, helps students to understand important taxes for this pathway like VAT and income tax liability. Overall view of tax - key pathway for accounting.

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Students can also gain experience by connecting with professionals through attending industry workshops and visiting the HQ of some of the biggest firms in London. This means students can network with professionals to increase opportunities within this industry.


The Business Management degree can also allow students to pursue a career in Marketing. This is because students are constantly exposed to the industry through the College’s excellent partnerships like Unilever, Savills, L’oreal and Direct Line Group through workshops and guest speakers. The degree provides students with up-to-date information regarding the industry with modules such as ‘’digital marketing’’ which helps to investigate elements like social media. Other modules/electives include:

  • Introduction to Research (Market Research- Level 4)
    This module helps students to understand the different techniques and methods used within market research. This includes elements of primary and secondary research, quantitative and qualitative and much more. All of these are critical to understand when pursuing a career in marketing.

  • Strategic Innovation Marketing (Level 6- Year 3)
    This module provides students with the chance to create their own marketing plan for a well known company. This will be to overcome a problem that the company is facing and how it can be improved through innovative marketing tools and techniques.

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This supplies students with real-life situations that happen in the industry, meaning once their career in marketing begins they will have a head-start through understanding problems and how to solve them. If you’re really interested in Marketing, you could choose to study Business Management and Marketing (UCAS CODE: 4U75)


Want to be your own boss? The Business Management degree can help with that too. This is because some modules within the degree focus on setting up start-up companies and consultancy. For example:

  • Principles of Business (Year 1- Level 4) helps students gain skills by coming up with your own businesses/charity, this helps to show the challenges that can be faced and what actions need to be taken to raise funds.

  • Consultancy Project (Year 2- Level 5)- helps students to comprehend the different recommendations and conclusions through research, data collection and analysis they are created and explored. This plays a big part in the workplace and get practice through other business proposals, as well as preparing their own business plan.

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Similar to the Finance and Marketing pathways, students can either select entrepreneurship based modules with their remaining credits (after core models of business management) or they can choose to take the Business Management and Entrepreneurship pathway in their second year of study. This will really give students a head-start in planning for a business of their own one day, if this is the pathway they desire.

Project Management

Project Management is the process of planning, controlling and initiating to meet goals and objectives set by the company in a specified time. Project management is also based around teamwork to help achieve this goal. The BA (Hons) Business Management degree provides students with project management skills first hand through modules like Principles of Business. This is where groups work together over the course of the term to raise funds for a chosen charity without any money to start with.
Former student Hayley Hewett studied Business Management and Entrepreneurship and then went on to work at Sainsbury's head office as a graduate project management foreseeing all online operations. For more information regarding Hayley’s journey visit Pearson College London

Global Industries

Students studying Business Management also can have the opportunity to choose elective modules that refer to the global industries, such as International Business Regions. This is where students understand the different cultures of countries, and ‘’what doing business’’ in those countries would be like. The module has focused on countries such as China before. Students can choose this module throughout their degree with International Business Regions 1,2&3.
However, students can decide to specialise in this subject with the pathway ‘’Business Management with Global Industries’’ where they are encouraged to work abroad (in places like China and India!!!!) with a Guaranteed Internship (subject to meeting eligibility criteria) This could put students at a massive advantage when applying for jobs in this sector, due to the experiences and knowledge they would have gained.
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Human Resource Management

The Business Management degree can also allow students to seek roles in human resource based jobs. This is because through core modules such as People Management and Leadership at Level 5, it helps to demonstrate the different leadership styles in the workplace.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in HR, you can choose elective modules like Professional behaviours and customer management at Level 4 to help comprehend how to solve problems and conflict in the workplace.Similar to this, it concentrates on how to provide/ receive feedback to/from colleagues.

These are all key skills needed for a role in Human Resources.

The key takeaway? A BA (Hons) Business Management Degree can open doors to many diverse roles when it comes to looking for a graduate role.

For more information on the all module specifications visit Pearson College London Webpage and scroll down to ‘University of Kent’ section.