Name: Ellie Carrick
Place of study: Pearson Business School
Year: Level 4 (Year 1)
Course: BA (Hons) Business Management

What made you interested in studying at Pearson Business School?

I originally applied for a degree apprenticeship but was unsuccessful and was offered a full time place at Pearson College London. The college interested me because it was more of a workplace and professional environment than a typical university. They expect a lot more from you and have high standards which I like! They also had a lot of industry connections and all of the tutors are industry professionals so I knew that it would be ‘real life’ information straight from the workplace that we received.

What was the Open day/ Taster Day / Personal Visit like?

The first time I actually visited the university was an assessment centre for the apprenticeship. It was quite scary at first but because they had student ambassadors talking and interacting with us which made the whole situation a lot easier. The whole day was extremely organised and professional, this gave me a lot of motivation to do well. The fact we met a lot of tutors made the experience a lot more personal and made me feel at ease.

List the three best things about studying here:

  1. Teaching support
  2. Organised timetables
  3. Modern and comfortable: clean study areas

What advice do you have for people who are deciding on where they want to study?

If I was applying again, I would ask myself what do you want to get out of the university/institute? Are you going to get the best of your career or do you want a few easy years to party and have fun?