Hi, I’m Tiayanna Lall and I’m studying BA (Hons) Business Management at Pearson Business School. I want to be able to have a successful company up and running within 5 years so I can start helping out my society as well as abroad.

Photo by You X Ventures / Unsplash

My first goal is to have many professional networks from the industry days that I would have attended throughout the term and make sure that they lead to various work experience and internship opportunities that I can put on my CV.

Another goal that I have is to gain more insight and knowledge as to how to run my own business so I can implement that into my own business - Organic Shea Curls. My final goal is to have a guaranteed internship by the time I graduate. This is because I don’t want to be looking for graduate placement whilst I am doing my final essays.

Business Management has already helped me start up my business and gain more knowledge with all the modules I have done and am doing right now. I can’t wait to carry on with my journey as I know already that it’s going to be amazing.

- By Tiayanna Lull (2nd year Business Management student)