We started last week with the sold out “An Evening With… Joseph Hobbs”.
Joseph is a Lead Prop Artist at Ubisoft Annecy and is currently working on Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

During the talk, Joseph spoke about his career path, his job at Ubisoft and gave great tips to all our students that will soon start job hunting: what to have on their portfolio, interview advice and what to expect in their first job.
Check down some notes from the event:

  • Do not post unfinished work. Your portfolio is not the place for WIP, post it on forums instead if you are looking for critique;
  • For each asset, make sure to start by showing an image and not a video;
  • Don’t render on black or white background as it will make your asset flat and hard to read;
  • A good camera framing is very important;
  • Light your work properly and show off your materials;
  • Don’t use a resolution too high (cough 4K cough) for a small generic prop, aim for a 512x512 ratio for 1 meter of space if you want to impress;
  • Show your wireframes and texture breakdows.
    Besides the amazing advices, Joseph also wanted to leave a very important message to all junior artists: be persistent, never stop working and improving your art; that’s the only way to achieve your dream job.
    We would like to thank Ubisoft and Joe for joinning us for another sucessfull "Evening with".