At Escape Studios, students get opportunities to work on live industry briefs and aid professionals with their projects. An example of this was back in 2015/16 when two of our students helped on a Film London short film 'City Lights'.

Fabrizia studied Advanced 3D for Visual Effects at Escape Studios in 2015 and since leaving Escape Studios, she has been working for Blue Zoo Animation as a Maya Generalist - Fx TD and more recently moving onto Fx Lead. We sat down with Fabrizia to find out more about the project...

How did you get involved in the project?

I was involved by chance at Escape Studios. It was on an afternoon dedicated to polishing my showreel and industry guests were present. I networked with them and due to my friendship with Attila, another Escape Studios student working on the project, I was able to help out. He studied 2D Visual Effects and the project needed a 3D Artist to help out. They had a few questions about 3D and I helped them to solve a few problems and overcome a few obstacles.

Were there any difficulties with the project?

Firstly, the team was a bit behind schedule, hence asking me to join them in the first place. Secondly, the software we were using was Cinema 4D, something that I have never used before! I had to adapt quickly as I never used that software before that day, it was very risky but very cool!

What contribution did you make to the project?

I joined the project towards the end so I just helped them with rendering as well as comping various elements. I would say that I have shown a lot of flexibility and the ability to manage a complex situation that is slightly out of my comfort zone. This was due to the requirement to operate new software and helping with compositing when I usually work on 3D projects.

However, this was a great way for me to learn so many new things that otherwise I would not have been able to discover.

How long did you spend on the project?

In terms of my input, the core sections and some fixes here and there took a few weeks. In total, less than two months of my time was spent on this project. I am not sure that the Director had a specific time frame for it.

Why did you want to be involved?

I really liked the concept behind the short film itself. It was a romantic and cool idea and was a very cute love story which I really liked.

And here it is... City Lights

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