The Pearson College Student Association is a group of students aiming to improve the quality of the student experience at Pearson College London. There are 12 members in the PCSA, focusing on different areas such as societies, sports, events and charities. As we near the end of term, it is time for a new PCSA President, who we can announce as...

Alex Page

(1st Year Business Management with Marketing Student)

We sat down with Alex to find out more about what he plans to do during his presidency...

Hey Alex, could you tell me a bit about yourself to start with?

Hi, I'm Alex and I am 18 and I study Business Management with Marketing as I have always had a passion for business. I came straight from school, where I was a Student Ambassador - I didn't take a gap year or anything like that. I would describe myself as an out and out sportsman. I used to sail internationally and lead my team to win a few competitions. I also spend a lot of time in the gym doing football and a few other sports.

Why did you decide to run for PCSA President?

I wanted to be able to change things around the college based on my experience to improve the college for everyone. The definitive moment for me was when I saw the previous PCSA President at Freshers Week at the beginning of the year helping the freshers with where to go. He was organising everyone so well and it made me think that I would love to do that.

It then came around to the time when it was getting a bit more serious so I began to think. There are definitely things I would like to do and change about Pearson College London. I also listened to some suggestions from friends. Therefore, it might sound cheesy, but I really wanted to initiate that change and be the difference.

It also looks really good on a CV and will help me to improve my leadership skills.

How does it feel to be elected by your peers?

Really, really, really good.

It got announced at the quiz and all of my friends went nuts, which was really nice. It's great knowing that people voted for me and what I proposed, which is a really nice feeling.

What preparations have you got in place before you start?

I would ideally like to get started as soon as possible. I think the first main event that we will work on is the Freshers week in September. I am raring to go and having a killer freshers week is a top priority. I know everyone else in the PCSA is really excited as well; we have a group chat and we are organising our first few meetings at the moment.

How do other people get elected?

For me, I wrote 500 words about why I should be PCSA President and then I was put through to an interview and then the final three students were able to run campaigns for what they pledge to do as President.

So, the person that was in the role from the previous year elects the person that will fulfil their role going forward.

What do you aim to achieve during your presidency?

There are five things I am aiming to do during my presidency:

  1. Firstly, a mentorship scheme. This would ideally work so that 2nd and 3rd year students volunteer as mentors to students in younger years. This would be for questions that perhaps someone might not like to talk to an authoritative about. For example, I am the only Pearson College student in my halls (other than a third year that I met the other day) so it would have been nice to talk to someone about my initial struggles about moving away from home. This could also be in reference to personal or professional study.
  2. Secondly, collaboration with the University of London, more specifically Student Central. This is made up of around 21 universities around London at the moment and we are not one of them, but an associate. Therefore, I want to ensure that we can give students the full opportunities that this offers such as sports teams and facilities like the library.
  3. Thirdly, the collaboration between Pearson Business School and Escape Studios. This could be in the shape of quizzes, game nights or sports challenges for example.
  4. Furthermore, I would also like to improve Freshers week by including more day events because I feel like meeting people on a night out is great and I got lots of people's social media details; but, I never spoke to them again after that. Therefore, I think that day events would be better for meeting and getting to know people.
  5. Finally, feedback about the PCSA, courses, events and anything else. The idea would be to set up an email address where students can voice questions and concerns. All PCSA members would have access to it and then the relevant person could respond to the query, such as Head of Sports replying to a sports-related question. I think that this would be paired with suggestion boxes around Pearson College London so that questions can be answered and concerns can be settled anonymously.

Why did you choose Pearson College London?

It was the link to industry for me. I fully appreciate that a degree is great to get a foot in the door, but the industry experience is what sets graduates aside. Therefore, the internship programmes and industry days were what I was attracted to.

I also liked the fact that it is quite a small university as it has made the transition from school to higher education much easier.

What do you aspire to do in the future?

I would like to specialise in marketing next year as my dad has a marketing company. Growing up around marketing has really sparked my interest in the subject and I would like to bring that together with my interest in Motor Sports and combine the two in some way. That would be ideal.

Thank you for sitting down with us Alex!