Virtual Reality (VR) is the illusion that we are present somewhere that we are not. it is a digital medium that allows the users to be immersed and interact in a digital constructed world. It is an extremely exciting field that gives artists and designers a completely new platform for entertainment and communication. With the growth of new technology comes paired a hunger to learn and explore the new medium.

One of our games tutors juriaan van linschoten is currently designing an exciting short course that allows anyone eager to delve into the world of Virtual Reality. The foundations of the course have been laid out, giving space to start the development of assets and learning content.

The aim is to launch the students from a beginner to an advanced level as a technical VR Artist. The course will focus on giving the student a strong understanding of real time render engines and its application with VR. Subjects such as interaction will be covered from a starting level of triggers and pickups all the way to complex puzzles, multi layered interactions and locomotion techniques. This will all be taught inside Unreal Engine through the means of visual scripting in Blueprints.

Currently as an example project of what will be possible after the course I am developing an old Roman Ballista. The whole design process will be covered in a document outline all thinking, calculations and most importantly mistakes!