What is Enactus?

Enactus is a student-led programme, currently run in universities across the UK. It is built up of a community of students, academics and a long list of socially responsible corporate businesses. Synergising together to practice contemporary entrepreneurship, in order to tackle global social issues. Both local, and international issues, based on the United Nation's 17 socially sustainable development goals. The programme enables societal growth and progress, creating a better world for the future.

Annually Enactus universities participate in Regional, National and International competitions, showcasing their most impactful and empowering social projects. All in order to win funding, support, and constructive feedback to further progress student enterprises. This, along with the opportunities for individuals to gain incomparable experience, career enhancement and a global network, overall developing invaluable transferable skills for the future.

In under 9 months the team expanded from just Dexter and Lily to over 50 students. Recruiting a leadership team of 11 encompassing all business functions. Building a website, promoting ourselves as a brand, hosting fundraising events and socials, engaging with business advisors from AIG, Amazon, Unilever, etc. Also, gaining a £5000 grant from the university, helping us grow our team and our 7 projects into profitable, self-sustaining social business.

Change for Change
Photo by Kat Yukawa / Unsplash

Our Projects:


Beneficiary Groups: Homeless, rough sleepers
Concept: A jacket that can also be used as a sleeping bag for rough sleepers made using raw materials that could not otherwise be recycled such as tents from festivals and single use plastic hairnets.

Another Leaf

Beneficiary Groups: Young people
Concept: A podcasting programme accompanied by a blog and workshops designed to create a community aimed at young people of diverse origins, regarding the topic of wellbeing.

Project 2030

Beneficiary Groups: Environmental-Reliant Communities; British School Children
Concept: A reusable water bottle with a detachment at the bottom housing a plant-seed. This along with a website teaching youth about the environmental issues the world faces, highlighting the harm of deforestation.


Beneficiary Groups: Entrepreneurs - Uni Students
Concept: Workshops for current or aspiring SME owner/managers, teaching contemporary techniques that provide them with the tools to combat stress and burnout such as Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence training.

Business Workshops for the Homeless

Beneficiary Groups: Homeless & Unemployed People
Concept: Offer business training classes to unemployed and homeless people

Buddy Bear

Beneficiary Groups: Older people; Underprivileged children
Concept: Create a community of older people, that make knitted ‘buddy bears’ which would be distributed to underprivileged children.

Project Food Waste

Beneficiary Groups: British Farming Communities; School Children
Solution: Host community farmers markets that engages school children to take action against food waste.