As a second year student at Escape Studios, studying The Art of Video Games; I’ve already been exposed to a lot of professional techniques, software and workflows that are currently used in industry. Escape Studios gives students the opportunity to get incredibly hands on with all aspects of game art; I have friends that have delved into the world of technical art, I have immersed myself into environment art and have even been able to work on some character based work. Escape really does give autonomous freedom to it’s students.


How are we being prepared for the industry?

I could probably write for hours, about every way that Escape Studios presents fantastic opportunities; but most of all we aim to get a job after a Degree and this is the perfect way to do so. Lectures all have prior experience working within the industry, their feedback always comes from the perspective of how it would be critiqued within a studio, and this in turn pushes the students to really pay attention to the level of detail within our work.

What we Learn

Each discipline; if thats Games, 3D VFX, 2D VFX, Animation or even one of the many Short Courses that are offered here at Escape Studios; you will be learning all the professional techniques and software used for your discipline, just to list some of the software you’ll be exposed to: Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Nuke, Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, Houdini, etc. Now this can depend on which discipline you study, however, you can explore many different aspects.


One of the most important things to develop to break into the industry is your portfolio, before Escape; my portfolio wasn’t at all industry standard, working alongside driven peers and tutored by professionals has allowed my portfolio develop to a much higher standard than what it originally was.

Industry Partners

It would be safe to say that I don’t think there’s a studio that Escape doesn’t have some form of connection with! That means on a regular basis there are talks, visits and even lessons from other industry professionals. It goes to show that Escape is the place to be for networking and making good connections in the industry.


Events and showcases are very big in Escape Studios, there are awesome opportunities to be able to go to events around London like the VFX Festival; an annual festival held where multitudes of companies are all in the same place to give talks about cool projects they’ve been working on and even give career guidance. In some instances companies will be currently hiring and that opens up potential to employment! The most valuable thing you can take form these festivals is the feedback given on any portfolio review, and lets not forget that Escape students can get their hands on some incredibly discounted tickets to the festival!


Perhaps the biggest one for me, presentations are so very important. Typically for our projects, we are given two to possibly three presentations- this would generally be a first presentation to show everyone else your idea, you can then receive constructive criticism about the project so that you can see it from the perspective of others. Once the project is complete we have another presentation to showcase your end result for that project. This is super important and i’m glad Escape is so big on presentations because it helps you grow confidence in public speaking with your ideas and that can be such a key part to having an impact to the industry.

To summarise everything I’ve written- I would never of dreamed when I first applied to Escape Studios that the level of learning I had been given was this incredible, I’d prompt anyone interested in the 2D VFX, 3D VFX, Games or Animation industry to go to one of Escape Studios Creative Workshops, and experience first hand a little glimpse of fantastic opportunities in the future.

- By Kyran Roe (2nd year Game Art student)