At Pearson Business School, we offer both Degree Apprenticeships and a specially designed course called a Professional Pathway. Find out the benefits of both and how they differ...

What is a degree apprenticeship?

A Degree Apprenticeship is a new route into higher education that could give you a head start, allowing you to combine university study with practical skills gained in the workplace and the security of a regular salary.

"As I am on the Rotational Degree Apprenticeship scheme I am lucky enough to work in four different placements across various FTSE 100 companies. My first placement was at Tesco within their Social Media and Digital Content Team; my second placement was at IBM within their Channel sales division; my third rotation was in the Strategic Projects team at Pearson College London. Now I am back at Tesco working in the Clubcard Strategy team." - Holly Garrett, Rotational Degree Apprentice

Degree Apprentices work in their company four days a week and study at Pearson Business School one day per week, to get their 20% off the job element.


  • You'll receive an annual salary - you’ll be able to earn whilst you learn as you'll earn an annual salary.
  • Your tuition fees will be paid, so there's no debt to accrue!
  • You'll gain a degree as part of the apprenticeship; the degree is validated by the University of Kent, so you’ll be equipped for success.
  • You may also be eligible for Chartered Manager status
  • You'll be taught by industry professionals - our tutors don’t just teach business, they live and breathe it, as they’ve all had successful careers in the industry.
  • You'll graduate career ready - everything we do is designed to ensure our students are industry ready, you’ll be taught by industry professionals, you’ll gain real and relevant experience and gain a leading qualification at the same time.
  • Our degree apprenticeships are co-designed by leading companies, to ensure they are relevant for the skills employers are looking for.

Our degree apprenticeship programmes are suitable if you're looking to get into full time employment and study at the same time. If you choose to apply for a degree apprenticeship, your studies will be practice-focused, so they’ll relate directly to challenges that you’ll face in the workplace. It’ll give you an opportunity to develop in your role and gain a head-start in your career.

What is a Professional Pathway?

Business Management is our most popular degree programme. In response to demand from students who need a flexible degree programme, we created this professional course. It is designed to open doors for you by developing your business knowledge to give you greater confidence and proficiency. This professional pathway is ideal for students who are already working or setting up their own business as you can condense the classroom part of your study into one day per week.

Combining work with study will give you the ultimate learning experience. You can tailor up to 50% of the course to your current employer or work experience. Plus, you’ll learn in classes which are designed especially for professionals who are keen to progress in their careers. You will be able to draw from each others' experiences, share insights from different industries and network.

You will also participate in weekly group supervision sessions which focuses on your learning outside of the classroom.


  • Learn with professionals - you’ll study alongside other professionals and you can tailor the course to suit your chosen industry/business sector.
  • Study inside a successful FTSE 100 company - Pearson Business School is the only business school in London set within a global FTSE 100 company - Pearson Plc.
  • Guaranteed taught day - we guarantee set days and times for lessons ensuring you are able to fit your study around your work commitments.
  • Expert tutors - You’ll be taught by tutors who are experts in their field and have worked in industry.
  • Central London location - Classes are held at our Midtown campus at Holborn, Central London.
  • Graduate with a degree from University of Kent - You’ll graduate with a full honours degree that is validated by The University of Kent, a leading UK university.

So, what are the main differences?

Whilst at this point it may seem like degree apprenticeships and professional pathways are very similar, there are three main differences to bear in mind:

  1. Professional Pathways are not necessarily funded by the company that you are working for. It is your responsibility to fund the tuition fees, much like any other university in the UK. However, degree apprenticeships are fully funded by the company that the individual works for.

  2. It is the responsibility of the Professional Pathway student to find their place of employment and ask them whether they could take one day per week to complete the degree programme. In a degree apprenticeship, the company generally hires specifically for the programme and has already decided what day of the week the apprentices will attend university.

  3. Professional Pathways have the option to elect modules instead of the Introduction to Research and Self-managed Learning modules if they would like; they must be available to attend classes on days other than their designated teaching day if they opt for this. Degree Apprenticeships are built with the employer and hence are 50% catered to the job role. Therefore, students generally do not get the chance to choose their modules.
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    In summary, Degree Apprenticeships and Professional Pathways are similar in many ways, but also very different. Therefore, if you want to gain a professional degree, make sure you consider both of these options.

To find out more about Degree Apprenticeships and Professional Pathways, visit the Pearson College London website.