An apprenticeship can lead to a young person learning a range of skills depending on the specific sector they’re in. As well as gaining a qualification and experience in the workplace, they also get paid! The benefits are hugely visible, making apprenticeships a viable alternative to the traditional route.

Employers have made it well-known that having someone with experience is much more beneficial and a ‘safer’ hire than someone just out of university, if they haven’t gained experience whilst studying. An apprenticeship allows the young person to ensure the sector they’re getting into is the one they actually want to do in their career.

Soft Skills

Apprenticeships are more than just learning your trade and earning money. An apprenticeship offers crucial learning curves and allows the apprentice to develop as a person. The soft skills that are acquired and learnt throughout the period of an apprenticeship are like no other. At a young age, being in a working environment whilst still learning means an adaptation to personality and inner-drive. Being in such an environment also allows for the apprentice to understand the dynamics of a working environment, which is crucial in life.

It’s the little things that can make a massive difference: punctuality, positivity, drive and being able to communicate efficiently. Being on time and meeting deadlines is a vital every-day skill and something that should always be upheld. Staying positive will mean you’ll enjoy your work, which will reflect in the quality of your work! Putting in maximum effort and showing you have drive to succeed will result in a passion for your work… which again, will lead to your work being done to the best of your ability. Communication within a working environment is crucial to getting the most out of your job/apprenticeship. Creating friendships and having an understanding between colleagues will make the working day much more efficient as well as more enjoyable.

There are many soft skills that are learnt and understood over the course of an apprenticeship. These are all transferable and will help you throughout your life and career. These skills are not exclusively for work, they can be used in every-day life and will teach you a lot about yourself and how to handle certain situations. The transition from school to work can be a tough one, hence why apprenticeships are such a great option as they make this transition just that little bit smoother… and that can make all the difference.


The development of apprenticeships can be linked with the growing popularity and incentives young people see themselves gaining from doing an apprenticeship over other options.

Young people are understanding the skills you can gain from an apprenticeship, as well as the importance of work experience, so there is a correlation between the development, consideration and popularity of apprenticeships.

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