Our business and accounting Masters degrees are designed for you to fit your studies around life and work commitments. How does this work, and what does it mean to our students?

Mastering the delicate balance
Making the decision to go back to the world of education to pursue a Masters is not to be taken lightly - particularly to those who are in full-time employment, enjoying their role, and looking to gain a Masters qualification that will be recognised by employers and increase access to senior leadership and management roles.

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Many find themselves in a position of deciding whether or not to put their career on hold while they focus their time, energy and workload towards a Masters qualification. Alternatively, the other option is usually part-time study, which draws out the length of the programme to 2 years or more.

At Pearson Business School, to allow our candidates more flexible study options, we have designed our postgraduate courses to be taught through a system of block teaching. This way our applicants do not necessarily find themselves facing a choice between a full-time study commitment or extending their course.

How does block teaching work?
On our Masters programmes, block teaching is shaped around each taught module. Typically, each 4-6 week module will include 2-3 intensive classroom days at the beginning before a flexible period for the learner to complete their study and projects to their own schedule. There will also usually be another 1-3 days of scheduled classroom time at the end of each module, to reflect on experiences and share insights.

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To summarise, on our MA in Business and Management (MBM) and MSc Financial Leadership courses you can expect:

  • 4-8 week long modules
  • For each module, 2-3 intensive classroom days at the beginning
  • Then 1-2 classroom days at the end of each module
  • A total of around 27* classroom days for the course

Although most of the time as a postgraduate student with us is spent outside of the classroom, our postgraduate students still have access to a whole range of support including full access to our Online Learning Environment (OLE), Talent Development Support Team, and e-library where all reading and learning materials can be found in support of the course.

*this number is subject to change slightly.

What do our students think?
Here's what a few of our first students on the MA Business and Management had to say about their experience...

The block release model and work-based project allows for direct and beneficial application of learning. The non-traditional classroom setting feels more like a facilitated forum, and less like a seminar.

- Emmanuel, MA Business and Management student, 2019

The college-based classroom learning has been excellent and the assignments are academically challenging but firmly based in concepts relevant to my role

- Laura, MA Business and Management student, 2019

This course is a great opportunity to build a support network outside of work where different levels of experiences from different sectors come together and contribute to each other’s learning and development process.

Zerin, MA Business and Management student, 2019

To find out more about block teaching or studying a Masters at Pearson Business School, contact an Applicant Advisor or head to our website:
Email: postgraduate@pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk
Web: pearsonbusinessschool.ac.uk/postgraduate