I have attended a couple of recent industry-focused events that I have discovered through Pearson College London.

London Mayor Competition - March

As a business student, business competitions are highly exciting. The capacity to develop businesses, gain feedback and potentially raise funds is of key importance to me as I study my degree in London. The annual London Mayor competition is a highly prestigious university entrepreneurship competition that is growing rapidly year on year. This year, there were 3 categories: creative, technology and environment, with the winning business concept for each category attaining a £20,000 equity-free funding for their idea and the ability to attain premises. Winning such an opportunity could be revolutionary for a business student to propel them to the next level, with the 2018 winners having now attained £600,000 for their business concept since.

But it is important to remember that winning is not always the important thing. Rather it is the importance of practicing presentation skills, as well as business development skills. The London Mayor Competition offered applicants the chance to attend workshops to enhance their skills, as well as to connect with other like-minded people. Such connections could be hugely valuable in the future, as joint projects could be established and flourish.

Further still, by attending an event such as this, which was held at the iconic City London Hall, students are able to demonstrate their passion for the study of business, and visually show how they are wishing to develop a variety of skills to future employers.

TechHub Tuesday - Monthly

TechHub Tuesday, held at Balderton London, emphasises the start-up and entrepreneurship culture of London. It is an event where anyone can attend to discover new start-ups in London, making it highly exciting for students wishing to potentially uncover the next business unicorn. Start-ups across law, cloud computing, finance management, SME marketing - among many others - are given the platform to present, not pitch, their projects to an audience who give feedback and ask questions about the presented project.

Due to this format, audience participation is an important driver of the evening, offering the opportunity for a student to make their voice heard, and potentially impress others at the event.

This free event helps to generate a real, significant buzz around what may be waiting to be discovered in London. It can provide strong motivation for entrepreneurial students who have hit a road block in their business idea development as they are able to discuss issues with others at this open event.

For more information visit the Pearson College London website. https://www.pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk/
Author: https://www.linkedin.com/in/connermaguire/