With 73% of graduates being awarded at least a 2:1 in 2016 (The Guardian), employers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate between job applicants. Although degrees still play a crucial role in gaining interview opportunities, employers are becoming more interested in extracurricular activities that students do during University to show their dedication to their field of study. As a business student, this is significantly important, as business degrees remain within the most popular in the UK.

Thankfully, the UK plays a critical role in world trade and London is one of the business capitals, with 40% of world companies choosing London for their HQ's, (Evening Standard)
As such, this means there are always opportunities to gain knowledge and experience. For example, internships ranging in start-ups to larger corporations and events, which graduates can use to further illustrate their interest in their field of study to potential employers.

Furthermore the myriad number of conferences and networking events available in London gives students the opportunity to make those crucial inside connections, which will prove significant for career development. Likewise, these events also give individuals the chance to test and apply their employability skills.

In recent months, I have attended several of these events wish I hope to share their importance with you.

LinkedIn Local Youth - Monthly


This is an ongoing event in collaboration with Pearson College London, lead by LinkedIn legends; Authentic Alex and Andrew Griffiths. It focuses on a critical topic for young people as they begin their journey into the world of work. Previous talks include: public presentations, mental health and a networking masterclass and they have been widely attended and praised.

Held at Pearson College London's campus, this event shows the dedication to preparing the next generation with the appropriate skills and a high degree of confidence for their post-graduate life.

Attending exclusive events such as these, allows individuals to achieve a more detailed and hands on experience, where audience participation is placed as a priority for the event, thus resulting in the growth of all employability skills.

In the future, Pearson College London intends to increase its offering of events such as LinkedIn Local, to ensure its students have plentiful opportunities to learn, practice and network. As such this not only shows the benefit of studying within London, but also at PCL.
You can find April's edition here - 'How to sell yourself'

LIMUN 2019 - February

London is also a popular destination choice for international events to be hosted due to its legacy and status. Such an example are Model United Nations, where students are able to enhance their report writing skills, alongside their analytical and public speaking skills.

Events such as these offer students the opportunity to embrace other cultureal views from international individuals. This is incredibly valuable after graduation when it is likely individuals will have to work in highly diverse team, requiring openness and empathy.

Read more about Pearson College London's LIMUN experience.

These international events are bespoke to London, and can generate interesting leads and advice for internships and job placements abroad.

Eventbrite & Facebook Events

These websites will be your best friend at Pearson College London and a quick glance into them highlights how many business-related events happen in London weekly. Plus, most of them are free!

In recent months events hosted by PWC, Google, Warner Music, Fintech, and TEDx, have all been attended by students, and the list is always growing. Business and technology expos are hugely popular in London.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are a critical factor of University, and whilst Pearson College London does offer students a guaranteed opportunity of an internship in the second year, (subject to academic performance) it is widely encouraged that students seek internships throughout their degree. This is for CV development, creating networks and employability skills. Thankfully, there are many organisations in London that connect students with start-ups and larger firms for internships. This further signifies the benefit of studying in London.


It is needless to say that London is an incredible place to study for the social lifestyle. Every night there are different clubbing options, theatre showings, music events and sports events. Yet I hope I have explained to you why London, particularly Pearson College London, is the place to study for students who are already considering their post-graduate lives. This ultimately will enable students to stand out from the crowd, once they do attain their 2:1 or first degree.


For more information visit the Pearson College London website. https://www.pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk/
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