I’m sure you already know what ‘The Pitch’ is from our previous blog, but if you need something to jog your memory, it’s an external marketing competition run by CIM, where students put forward an idea to solve a problem that a global brand may have. This year, three of our students managed to reach the final 10! Today I am sitting down with Chloe Jarman (3rd year student) to talk about her experience of ‘The Pitch’.

So Chloe, how did you feel on the day of ‘The Pitch’?
Extremely nervous and excited. I’m used to presenting in front of highly regarded individuals due to the industry days and lecturers that Pearson provide, but I had never presented in front of this many people before. But luckily for me, I love throwing myself outside of my comfort zone and seeing how I cope with different situations. I knew that this would be a fantastic experience for my peers and I, and I relished the opportunity to stand in front of an audience and pitch a solution that I whole-heartedly believed in.

What happened on the day?
When we first got there we had to sign in and we found out which part of the day we would be presenting in. First of all, the CEO of CIM welcomed us and praised us for reaching this stage, he then handed us over to the presenter who explained to us that we could either watch the acts or wait in the breakout area. We spoke to our tutor who came with us on the day, Jen South, and she suggested that it might be a good idea if we didn’t watch, as it might affect the way we presented our solution. Jen was almost like our spy, going in watching the pitches and preparing us for the questions that the judges may ask. We were then given lunch (for free!), which was delicious and was a great way to speak to all the other teams.


So how was Co-Creations pitch?
Fantastic. I don’t believe it could have gone any better. Each team member presented without error and it didn’t sound rehearsed at all. Whilst there were some nerves, we each rose above and delivered a presentation which we could be proud of. The judges then had ten minutes to ask us questions relating to what we had just talked about, and believe me they didn’t hold back. But this was the best part of the experience, to see what they liked and to see what they thought we needed to work on. Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to make it into the final three, but we were able to network with all the judges after the event and they all agreed that we had the best opening of any group on the day!!

My advice, don’t hesitate to apply. It was such a great experience, and has made me even more attractive to employers.

Thank you to Jen South for helping us on the day, and to all the other tutors at Pearson who guided us on this journey.