Starting higher education can be extremely daunting, and sometimes you need a helping hand to make things a little less stressful. We fully understand the concerns students have when moving away from home or stating a new course which is why we always have help on hand. With Student Services and the Student Experience team always being readily available, we are able to cater to every students’ needs and ensure that no one gets left behind.

Student services- who they are and what they do?

Student Services are responsible for providing administrative and pastoral support and advice to all Pearson College London students and is the students’ first port of call for any enquiries about their study at Pearson College London, for advice and information on a wide range of aspects of College life including fees and finance, module and course transfers and exam arrangements. Student Services are easily accessible to students, as the team are based centrally to deal with any queries or issues in person, face-to-face, as well as via telephone or email.

Helping students with disabilities/learning difficulties

We’re really focused on catering for students - whatever their needs. When you become an Escape Studios student, we will invite you to discuss any additional needs or support that you’ll need throughout your time here. If appropriate, we’ll provide you with additional learning support throughout your studies. For example, we can help you by:

  • Providing mechanical or electronic aids
  • Modifying the way your learning materials are presented
  • Giving you alternative ways of completing learning activities
  • Providing access facilitators

Furthermore, if your condition puts you at a significant disadvantage in an assessment situation, exam arrangements can be put in place. This may include extra time, writing breaks, electronic aids etc, depending on your condition. Lastly,the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) is available to fund additional support for full-time and part-time disabled students. It’s available in addition to other grants and loans and doesn’t have to be repaid. Find out more on the website.

Student Counsellor

Mental health is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our Student Counsellor provides confidential support to all students. Whether you are facing challenges outside or inside of Pearson College London, the Counsellor is always available to help during office hours. There are even wellbeing workshops in place, which can also be great in addressing problems and difficulties that you may have.

Student Experience

The Student Experience team help give you the best possible experience whilst you’re studying at Escape Studios. They like to bring students together and create a community. They organise competitions and exciting events that everyone can get involved in, such as:

  • Nacho meet up - for the foodie lovers
  • Marvel-lous movieland - yes it is comic con in a bar!
  • Unreal night - getting unreal in our games marathon
  • Cinema screenings - we've seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi here first

Student Experience are a huge part of students’ time here throughout the whole of their course, not just at Freshers and Welcome Week (and they throw the best parties!)

Studio Assistants

As well as support with things like timetables and absences, you may also need some extra help in the studios - which is where our Studio Assistants come in. As you’re learning new software or skills in teaching time, they’ll be in the studios with you to run through things(if you need a reminder) and to even offer you advice. They ensure everything in the studios run smoothly by providing assistance to the tutors in class - so no-one falls behind.