There is a huge opportunity for Industry Engagement at Pearson College London. This blog shows how some of the industry conferences and workshops that I have attended are helping me to achieve my goals and progress my career.

Nonference - November


November got off to an incredible start as I attended the inaugural IAB Nonference. The event included a variety of workshops and talks from a range of key players in their industries, including; Facebook, Snapchat, Google, IAB, and, NABS.

The event, held at Tobacco Docks London, was a fantastic opportunity to discover the practices of big corporations and how they were tackling issues in their industry. For example, IAB spoke significantly around the key issue of GDPR and advertisement regulations. Gaining knowledge about the issues firms are facing, and how they are tackling them - in the case of IAB, by joining the World Wide Web Consortium - helps significantly when applying for positions in these companies. It illustrates a willingness to research, showing authentic passion which is attractive to employers. Further still, it gives students the opportunity to impress employers and create meaningful networks.

An example of this was highlighted in a workshop hosted by Sporf, a social media chain group who discussed the growing competitiveness of creating social media brands and generating followers. Sporf gave advice about cutting through the noise on social media including the importance of:

  1. Having a unique, yet consistent social tone.
  2. Captioning people's attention quickly using the 2-second rule.
  3. Engaging with your community and be reliable.
  4. Showcasing your values.
  5. Willingness to innovate.

By having sure, confident knowledge on this advice, potential employers may be impressed with how you can demonstrates your ability to create and pursue a marketing strategy.

Nonference was really valuable because many of the discussed topics related to my academic studies at Pearson College London such as the need to build your personal brand by understanding what is confidence?, as well as highlighting areas of positivity and areas of improvement. The interactive session by NABS, proved highly useful in my Professional Business and Customer Management module as it displayed a wider range of references, allowing me to attain a better grade for the assessment under the marking criteria of research and knowledge.

Events such as Nonference are also incredible for practising business skills such as; critical thinking, creativity, and presentation. At Nonference I was part of the winning marketing design team for fictitious brand 'POMA Cider', which involved me using digital out of home technology, a futuristic way of advertising brands. This experience also allowed me to pick up on industry terms such as 'ABC1'.

Once again, I will be able to use my gained knowledge in my interviews to emphasise how developed I am.


These events are incredible for building long-term connections with leading industry experts, which will prove hugely important for gaining additional advice, internships and job interviews in the future.

Lastly, many of these events supply incredible food and drink, so be sure not to miss out on this.

Facebook Community Boost - November


Facebook's Community Boost in November, was also a great opportunity to build upon the academic knowledge I had attained at Pearson College London.

Despite being a heavy user of Facebook and Instagram, this 2-day event was highly effective in increasing my understanding of social media from a business perspective. In particular, the event focused heavily on the power of social media advertising, and how to increase and measure the effectiveness of market campaigns using tools such as; Facebook Insights, Facebook Audience and Facebook Ads Manager.

The event was also beneficial as it increased my business vocabulary through terms; split testing and lookalike audiences.

Students can specialise in Business Management & Marketing at Pearson College London and have the opportunity to study: Digital and Social Marketing and Analytics and Data. Therefore, industry events such as this are crucial for students wishing to develop their understanding in this area.

Facebook's Community Boost also focused on encouraging attendees to start their own enterprises, and there were plenty of booths where individuals could get 1-2-1 support on any issues or questions they may have had. With Pearson College London having a culture of being passionate about student entrepreneurship, this was a great opportunity to further gather options for students in how to address their target markets.

Many of the events hosted in London hand out free merchandise such as notebooks, pens and lanyards, which are always cool to have.


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