It's scholarship season for our Master's courses here at Escape Studios and we are pleased to announce that our winners have been confirmed.

They have all produced top quality portfolios and have shown great potential in their subject areas. They demonstrate good artistic vision and technical aspiration.

And the winner is...

Game Art

For Game Art, the winner this year is Gustavo Horn. Our MA in Game Art packs in all the content from our popular 18 week course but takes students to the next level with a collaborative group project that will get you working like a real studio. You’ll create lifelong connections, graduate with a killer showreel and achieve a postgraduate degree that is validated by The University of Kent.

"Winning is about being better today than you were in the past. And winning is a boost of energy, motivation, making you determined to be better in the future than you are today." - Gustavo Horn - Scholarship Winner, MA Game Art

2D Visual Effects

For 2D VFX, the winner this year is Federico Bonato. The MA Visual Effects Production (Compositing) programme is designed to give both practical training and a globally recognised postgraduate qualification. Students learn how to use 2D tools, exploring stereoscopic compositing and understanding how 2D and 3D VFX integrate. The remainder of the course is working on two major projects, to apply the techniques learned to a brief.

"I always wanted to be a pixel wizard and dedicated myself to developing this passion, whether on my own or through a course like this. I did not expect to win this scholarship at all. It was so quick, I got this email out of nowhere and it dropped on me like a... Nuke! At first I thought it was a joke or one of those scam emails. It wasn't. I really felt like escaping. I guess hard work pays off sooner or later." - Federico Bonato - Scholarship Winner, MA Visual Effects Production (Composting)


For Animation, the winner this year is Luis David Marcillo-Coronado. The MA 3D Animation course is designed for students looking to take their computer animation skills to the next level. Students master advanced practises, such as creature interaction, dialogue and lipsync. They then put their skills to test by working on two industry standard projects, creating high quality animations that can form part of their showreel.

"I was over the moon and so so excited when I found out I got the scholarship. I’ve never met someone who has gotten a scholarship before, nor did I ever expect myself to get one at some point in my life. If it wasn’t for the scholarship I wouldn’t know if I would have been able to attend Escape Studios! For me this is a blessing, and I am legitimately excited everyday that I go into class and do my Animations." - Luis David Marcillo-Coronado - Scholarship Winner, MA 3D Animation

Congratulations to the scholarship winners on all their hard work and we cannot wait to see what you produce throughout your course with us.

To find out more about Escape Studios and our courses, visit the website.