Current Job Role and Responsibilities

I am part of the Student Recruitment team, making it my role to go out to schools and colleges to inform people about the amazing opportunities Pearson College London has to offer students. I also attend Careers fairs and delivering workshops and presentations too. Also, as part of my role I also attend UCAS Fairs as a way to extend the ways in which students can hear about Pearson College London.

Placement Location

I am going to Manila in the Philippines on my placement. Manila is not only the country’s capital, but it is also its financial, publishing and business centre.
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Placement Role

On my placement I will be working for Pearson plc the FTSE 100 company rather than Pearson College London. I will be working within the HR team under the Global Service Desk team. The Global Service Desk team mainly deal with internal questions and enquiries regarding the HR systems and also with editing staff databases.

To give me the most experience whilst there, I will be rotating through 3 different shift patterns, known as the morning shift, mid-day shift and the evening (graveyard) shift. There are 3 different shifts so that they are operating 24 hours a day so all the Pearson offices from around the world are able to talk to the team throughout their countries working day and get the quickest turnaround time for their enquiry.

Why are you excited to go where you are going?

I am very excited to go to the Philippines as part of my placement because I have never been there before, and I think it's an amazing opportunity to experience a country's culture. This is also an opportunity for me to step outside my comfort zone and do something I wouldn't usually be able to do, allowing me to grow both professionally and personally. Furthermore, it is a chance for me to vary my job role and learn new skills to help broaden my professional skills.
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Why I applied for a degree apprenticeship

I applied for this programme because I like to travel and experience the way of life in different countries across the world; being able to do this as part of work seemed like a phenomenal opportunity. This will not only allow me to experience the culture from a tourist perspective, but also a business perspective which I have not yet been able to do when I have travelled previously. In addition, I wanted to gain an insight into the business industry from different perspectives.

Look out for more content when I'm completing the placement!