So you've decided Pearson College London might be the right choice for you and you’re wondering where on earth you are going to live. Well don’t stress! With the fantastic transport links available in London (which you might not find in other cities), Pearson College London enables students to live at home and commute to the College for their studies - allowing you to save money, get access to creature comforts and get the best of both worlds.

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Photo by Kirill Zakharov / Unsplash

But I won’t lie - it’s not all roses in the garden. Sometimes it does entail standing on the tube during rush hour or getting up a little earlier on those Winter mornings. However, just think about the money you could be saving which you could put towards that online clothes shopping order or towards a ticket so you can go and watch your favourite football or rugby team.

Yes, you might have to do the odd chore living at home, and yes the nagging from your mum and dad doesn’t stop as you get older, but think about it - you still get to eat your mums famous home cooked lasagna or cuddle up to your dog on the sofa, speaking from my experience it’s really not that bad.

How much does it cost to live in halls in London?
The cost to live in London is extremely expensive, with private accommodation costing between £160-£250 per week for a standard room, and with the maximum maintenance loan totaling £11,672 per year, sometimes this figure isn’t always enough to cover your accommodation, therefore lots of students get a part-time job or work outside of term time to cover this.

But will I be able to get a “uni experience” without living in halls?
Of course!You’ll still be able to join your friends on crazy nights out and crash at theirs - this happens a lot! You really won’t miss out. You may not have as much independence as students living in halls, but deciding to live at home takes away those stressful moments i.e. paying rent, in what could be some of the most stressful years of your life.

How do you afford the train fare?
Well, my maintenance loan and part time job at Waitrose helps me cover the costs. Also, my student oyster card makes the fares that little bit more affordable. There’s no comparison between the price of train fares for the year compared to the price of rent in London!

Is it manageable to get in for lectures on time?
Sometimes, it can be a little tricky to the 9am starts, but it’s rare that you will start at that time everyday. I haven’t really found it that much of a problem, sometimes I even have a nap on the train if I get a seat!

Did you ever consider living in halls?
I did consider living in halls, however, working out the cost and comparing that to the travel costs, I didn’t think moving out would be justifiable.

How far of a commute do you think is achievable? (and how far is too far?)
I would say no longer than an hour and a half. I travel roughly an hour door to door, which for me works well. If you’re living in somewhere like Manchester, I would say that living in halls is a must. But take a couple of train rides before you make your decision, get a feel of it, see if it’s something that is worth doing.