Lola Rutter studies Business Management and Marketing at Pearson College and is in her last year of study. This year Lola was lucky enough to complete an internship with the Marketing Department at Pearson College London. Her role focused on CRM (Customer-Relationship Management) marketing.

What was the duration of the internship and where were you based?

The course of my internship was for eight weeks from the start of January. They based the internship at 190 High Holborn offices.

What did your role in the Marketing Department involve?

The position allowed me to build up a range of different experiences such as the copywriting for online content and use blogging platforms such as Ghost to publish them on the Pearson College Website. I worked closely with the CRM manager on a multi-channel marketing plan to convert lead to applicants which included Direct Mail, Emails and Events in line with the budget. To gather research, I created questionnaires through Typeform and interviewed former students to create case studies for prospective students. To follow, I then tracked data through softwares such as Salesforce and Pardot to create emails.

What was the best thing about working there?

A great thing about completing an internship at Pearson College London is their flexibility. They understand fully that you are also undertaking a degree; I had to take time to attend seminars and extra sessions for my course, yet the department were flexible meaning I could juggle a working life and studying. Also, the environment in the department is great, all the staff being so lovely and helpful.

Do you think this internship will help with your future career?

Working in the Marketing Department at Pearson College London will help me with my future career massively because of the training I have received. By learning to use softwares such as Salesforce, Pardot and Ghost it means I can boost my CV and skills to help when applying for roles in marketing after my degree.