I am a Student Experience Assistant at Pearson College London and in August I am heading to New Delhi, India for my month-long placement.

My current role consists of ensuring students, during their time at the college, have the best experience possible. We achieve this in many ways, by providing developmental industry days to improve their professional development, working closely with the Pearson College Student Association (PCSA) to ensure all social events and societies are run as smoothly as they can be and making students aware of all the extra opportunities we have on offer to make sure they get the most out of their higher education experience.

I am really excited about my placement because it’s going to a completely new experience with completely new people and in a new culture. This really excites me as I have no idea what to expect; I know it’s going to be amazing though due to the support system Pearson has in place.

For me, the prospect of yearly placements was a huge enticement of applying for this apprenticeship, but also being able to work with Pearson as a FTSE 100 company has allowed me to improve my soft skills more than I ever have.

Look out for more content when I'm completing the placement!