First year:

Tip 1: Try to go to as many social events as possible.
Tip 2: Try to keep up with the workload to prepare for 2nd and 3rd year when your grade counts towards your degree.
Tip 3: Make sure to buy a good laptop as your laptop will become your best friend throughout the degree.

Second year:

Tip 4: Try to gain some work experience/ internships in the summer between second and third year to give yourself a head start and boost your CV
Tip 5: READ READ READ!!! Reading is more important than ever in your third year and it will help with your grade.
Tip 6: Put in the hard work and the jump from second to third year will not be as scary.

Third year:

Tip 7: Network as much as you can, this will really favour you when looking after a job after your degree
Tip 8: Third year can become stress so much sure to still give yourself ‘me’ time
Tip 9: Buy yourself a diary and plan your time accordingly

10 amazing things I learned in my first year of Business Management

  1. How to network, we had workshops on how to network with the right people!
  2. How to use LinkedIn (This will be your lifesaver when applying for jobs in your final year!)
  3. The ability to run your own charity through the Principles of Business module.
  4. How to harvard reference (again this is very important for your time at university)
  5. The ability to mix with people from different backgrounds

What's an elective module and what choice will I get at PBS?

  • An elective module is a subject that you can choose to study, unlike a core subject that is compulsory to complete when studying a degree at PBS.
  • The traditional pathway of Business Management tends to allow students to choose more elective modules. This means students can study a range of subjects across; law, marketing, accounting and business management.
  • However, if you are more certain about what pathway to follow. Students tend to specialise in certain areas like Business Management and Marketing. This means that elective modules will be limited but instead modules are tailored to this pathway.
  • If you are unsure in first year if you want to specialise or not, do not worry this decision can be made in your second year once you have studied a few areas.