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Why I loved my Business Management and Marketing Taster Day

Bradley Jones

Bradley Jones posted on

My name is Bradley and I am now in my third year at Pearson College London. I initially applied to multiple taster days, but as this was an institution that I hadn’t heard much about but interested me so I wanted to find out more.


The day started off with a brief welcome talk from the Dean of the Business School, Will Holt. He explained about his background in industry and how he ended up doing what he does. This was really interesting for me as I managed to find out more about Pearson Business School itself and what it offered. Following on from this we were given a lecture and seminar on Sustainability in Business, giving me a good opportunity to experience what it would be like to study at Pearson Business School.

I loved it as it allowed me the opportunity to see the differences between other universities and to see what style of teaching you prefer compared to others. Everyone was really friendly and it meant that I could see how well I would fit in. Meeting the tutors was also really good as I was able to find out more about the course, how they teach and what I can expect.

- Bradley Jones (3rd year Business Management student)

Why I loved my Business Management and Marketing Taster Day
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