Chloe Jarman studies Business Management at Pearson College and is in her last year of study. Last summer, Chloe was lucky enough to complete an internship at a start-up company called Aileron, a luxury aviation retailer founded by airline pilots.

What was the duration of the internship and where were you based?

The internship ran throughout the summer break; I began the internship in early June right through to September. Because of Aileron being a start-up company, I based remotely meaning I could work from home. The company required me to work a minimum of ten hours a week.

What did your role at Aileron involve?

The role had a range of different elements, this included things such as brainstorming to generate new ideas for the start-up and attending Aeoro Expo (private companies selling their services). This was to encourage B2B sales by making connections with other businesses in the industry to sell their logbooks as part of the package Aileron were offering. I also had to help create and research ‘brand dossier’ for the company. This linked to the meaning behind the brand and different slogans or images that could be to create a brand dossier. The two owners, working in marketing then approved this.

What was the best thing about working there?

Because of working from home it meant the role was very flexible, so this meant I could still concentrate on my university work and a part-time role alongside my studies. I think the best thing about working at Aileron was the freedom to come up with new ideas. For example, I decided it would be best to utilise universities to sell their services, this idea is now being implemented. I also enjoyed promoting their ‘reseller scheme’ as it meant I could gain experience in B2B marketing.

Do you think this internship will help with your future career?

I definitely think the internship will help with my future career, this is because it gave me first-hand experience in the industry I would love to work in - sales and marketing. It also gave me the confidence to share my ideas in the workplace which a key skill to have when starting your career.