Studying abroad can seem very daunting, especially for long periods of time. However, learning new skills in new countries may be the perfect idea for those who want to combine adventure with learning. At Pearson College London, we offer the opportunity to study abroad at an internship, and we recently recruited for an International Rotational Degree Apprenticeship.

The Benefits:

1. International Business Skills
Learning new company cultures and styles of business activity will help to give you a broader understanding of global businesses. Yes you can learn about it in a classroom, but experiencing it first hand will make you much more knowledgeable. This will also be useful if you go on to work with a company that operates internationally, as your abilities could help to unite a global brand.

2. Independence
Although many of you will be enjoying living in shared accommodation away from home, we understand that lots of students live at home and commute into Pearson College London. A placement abroad can help to provide independence, as you are not only living away from home, but are also working in a new professional business place where you will get the chance to put what you have learned in the classroom into practice.

3. Experience
The reason why Pearson College London is so passionate about giving students industry based experience, is so that they are on a stable footing after completing the degree, have a broader understanding of the business world and have a solid CV to successfully apply to future jobs. Studying abroad gives you all of that - and so much more as you will gain much more confidence by being thrown in at the deep end (so to speak), as well as gaining knowledge of new cultures.

"Back in London we are now able to apply what we have learned from the trip and, making sure that all the ideas we came up with in India are carried out." - Sophie Everett, second year student


To get a clearer idea of what it's like to study abroad, you can also view Sophie Everett’s blog about her trip to India.