As we head into UCAS season, it's important to know what your options are to allow you to start comparing institutions for your higher education. Pearson College London itself is a career-focused institution, split into two sub-schools: Pearson Business School and Escape Studios.

Pearson Business School is based in Central London and is within FTSE 100 company Pearson plc. If 'Pearson' doesn't ring a bell, perhaps you have taken an Edexcel exam or completed a BTEC course? That's Pearson: the largest education company in the world.

So what's so good about Pearson Business School?

1. Location

Pearson College London is located in Central London, one of the world's biggest business districts. In the hub of some of the largest businesses in the world, where better than to learn about 'Business'? What's more, is that Pearson Business School is located within Pearson plc, a FTSE 100 company, allowing you to witness first-hand business case studies. The central location also makes it easier for businesses to come to you... But more on that later!

2. Industry Connections

Pearson Business School's degrees are designed, developed and delivered by industry. What does this mean?

  1. Pearson Business School has a range of industry partners from L'Oréal to Möet Hennessy to Unilever!
  2. You get the opportunity to attend industry days where real companies present you with a business problem and you help them to solve it.
  3. There is a dedicated team to help you to discover and obtain an internship scheme during your second year at Pearson Business School (subject to academic performance). This experience can help you to show you have what employers are looking for upon graduation.
  4. You also have the opportunity to attend industry conferences, externally to the college whereby there are panel events of experts in a particular field discuss an issue and then set you a task to complete.

3. Expert Tutors

All Pearson Business School tutors have had industry experience in some way, shape or form and most are experts in their field. For example, when learning to set up a business in the Principles of Business Module, you will be taught website design by an entrepreneur who has a company dedicated to coding websites. You are taught Law by a REAL Lawyer and Accountancy by an ACTUAL Accountant. It doesn't get more expert than that!

Due to their experience, the tutors are able to bring the theory to life by providing case studies to not only increase understanding, but to help you remember the content more easily. For example, a Law tutor might give you examples of cases that have really happened and the verdicts of those cases so that you can see how it works in the real world.

4. Entrepreneurship Opportunities

WWithin your first year, you have to set up your own business (in a group) and start trading. This module forces you to think about all elements of a start-up company and how to ensure it survives in the real business world.

There are also Entrepreneurship Societies where you can bring your own business ideas or help contribute to somebody else's.

Finally, within the Business School is a Business Incubator, where a real start-up is in residence ready to answer any entrepreneurship questions you may have. They also deliver lectures to show what their business does to help you to make comparisons and improve your own ideas.

5. Degree Apprenticeship programmes

One of the main attractions to Pearson Business School is the trailblazing degree apprenticeship programmes, combining earning and learning to gain a degree alongside full-time work experience for 3-4 years. This untraditional method of higher education allows apprentices to apply work experience to the classroom and academic theories to their job role, increasing understanding and making them work-ready upon graduation.