Student name: Chloe Jarman
Course: BA (Hons) Business Management
Year: 3 (Level 6)

What made you interested in Pearson Business School?

I actually first became aware of Pearson Business School when I began to research on institutions that offered programmes where you could work and study at the same time. I found Pearson’s Degree Apprenticeship scheme, and thought their world renowned connections and more hands on way of learning set them apart from other Universities.

What was the Professional Workshop like?

I actually attended the Degree Apprenticeship workshops and thought they were extremely insightful. It gave me a great idea of what I will be doing during my degree, and they tested me from the start which was something I was looking for.

Describe studying here in 3 words:

What advice do you have for people who are deciding on where they want to study?

Make sure you’re a shepherd and not a sheep - picking a different way to do things isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Make sure you list your priorities and don’t settle for anything less than what you’re looking for.