My name is Shanae and I'm a third year student studying Visual Effects at Escape Studios where I chose to specialise in 3D and I am focusing on creating CG models. This means I could be creating assets such as CG props, buildings, machinery and so much more. The reason I chose to specialise in 3D is because I enjoy the creative freedom it allows where I could be modelling a simple cup one day, then a whole car the next!


It is very challenging as you have to focus on making the assets look as similar to the real thing as possible, but it’s so rewarding when you finish your project and possibly can’t tell the difference from the CG and the real world image.

There are so many areas in the 3D department of Visual Effects that I still do other than Modelling such as adding textures to the model, tracking footage to place my CG elements in and matching the lighting from the real life footage into my CG scene.

The thing I love most about 3D is that I am able to create fictitious elements that you are not able to have in real life such as 20ft robots walking through Central London.

Take a look at some of the things we have created at Escape Studios by heading over to our YouTube channel and whatching our VFX showreels.

- By Shanae (3rd year VFX student)