Name: Sebastian Reca
Place of Study: Pearson Business School
Course: BA (Hons) Business Management and Marketing
Year of studies: First (Level 4)

What made you interested in studying a Pearson Business School?
The emphasis on industry engagement and the fact that the business school is run by a FTSE 100 company. The small size of the Business School is something that drew me to Pearson College London because it felt like there was more of a community. Also, since it was such a small school, it meant that seminar class sizes would be smaller which would make talking to lectures or tutors easier. I did also chose Pearson College London because it was central London and would allow me to save money by living at home which made my commute short and simple.

What was the Professional Workshop Like?
The interview day was both really fun and nerve wracking at the same time. On the interview day we had a group task which was really fun because you got to meet great people who were in the same position as you, also wanting to do well! It was a chance to meet possible classmates. The interview itself was nerve-wracking because I was scared of saying something that was either incorrect or which seemed to over the top. But, overall the questions were easy to answer and explain why you are a good fit.

List the three best things about studying here:

  1. Relaxed environment
  2. Industry Engagement
  3. Great people!

What advice do you have for people who are deciding on where they want to study?
Choose what works for you. If you like work and fun then choose a uni that is like that to you. Definitely remember to look at the course specification and make sure that what you are studying is interesting to you and that it won’t make you question whether you should be there. Another piece of advice I would like to give is about interviews, remember to be yourself but have restraint with your answers, make them impressive but humble and make sure when you describe your faults/weaknesses that you show how you compensate for it or how you are overcoming it. Lastly, on the topic of interviews, don’t get caught up in the fact that they are judging you, because this is your chance to judge them.