We really do what we say on the tin: give you experience in industry. Whilst it’s an amazing achievement receiving a degree, at Pearson College London, we believe that industry experience is just as important. That’s why we provide our students with constant opportunities, ranging from guest speakers to creative workshops.

Today, we are sitting down with a final year Business Management student Chloe, who is going to talk about her experience at the Boots Industry Day.

So Chloe, how did you find out about the Boots Industry Day?

Well, I actually heard about the workshop from the student newsletter. I saw that it was to do with re-branding which is something that I’m extremely interested in, so I thought it would be silly to not sign up.

What was your task?

We were given a talk from the Vice President of Boots Strategy, Steve Mason, who gave an overview of Boots and how they have evolved. He then presented us with the brief question, which was about how they could appeal to a younger audience. We were then put into groups, and came up with different ways to solve this relevant problem.

What was your idea?

Our idea was to blur the line between the online and in-store experience. We believed that time is of the essence for young adults; we want things now without waiting for it.

Therefore, we believed that creating an app that guided you through the store by telling you where a certain product was precisely located, would be extremely effective. This app would also allow customers to book appointments which would help give a sense of personalisation and emphasise the fact that customers aren’t just a number.

Lastly, we believed that the in-store experience is imperative for retaining customers. Therefore, we wanted to make it as interactive as possible and really make sure it was an experience that the customer remembers.

How did the presentation go?

The presentation was quite tricky. We were only given three minutes to talk so trying to prioritise which ideas were the most important, was a difficult task. However, it was a great experience to share our ideas and receive some feedback for our creativity.

What can you take from this experience?

Whilst this experience gave me the opportunity to write about something else on my CV, it also gave me the chance to work with new people and understand how to put my point across within a small time frame.

Good luck to the winners of the day, Christopher Dixon, Shani Gill and Ayesha Sarbatta, who will pitch their idea at the Boots Headquarters in Nottingham!